New Photos of the MV Rabaul Queen Disaster

It’s been over seven months now since Peter Sharp’s overladen MV Rabaul Queen sank taking with it up to 400 Papua New Guineans. The tragedy is PNG’s worst maritime disaster and a Commission of Inquiry was launched into the capsizing and sinking of the MV Rabaul Queen.

The Commission of Inquiry has since been completed, and its final report was presented to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on June 28. It is the prerogative of the Prime Minister as to when the report is to be released, but it is expected that the report will be released soon.

I managed to secure some never before seen photos by the public of the disaster courtesy of a crew member of one of the rescue ships:

~ by Tavurvur on July 8, 2012.

21 Responses to “New Photos of the MV Rabaul Queen Disaster”

  1. Very sorry….

  2. It really breaks my heart to see this. A relative perished when the the boat went down.

  3. so sorry 😦

  4. Looking at the anguish in the faces of the survivors breaks my heart and tears collect in my eyes. How could this be. Mr sharpe must bear the full brunt of all costs if investigations find his company responsible of neglect in ensuring their safety. Sori lon olgeta brata, susa, papa na mama i bin perish.

  5. Very sad to see these photos. These are truly rare photos.

  6. May we never have a repeat of this disaster ever again. For many of us,sea transport is and will be the mode of travel in the years to come yet. For many of us.sea travel is not a choice but a must. My thoughts to those who perished at sea and their loved ones.

    • ‘Whemby’ – I hope so too, and share your sentiments. I’ve traveled from Lae/Kimbe/Rabaul too many times to count, and on Rabaul Queen too on numerous occasions. The fact of the matter is that you and I could have been the ones on Rabaul Queen when it sunk. Our thoughts go out to those who were on it, and to their families. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  7. ‘Tavurvur’ Thanks.

  8. Its so sad thinking of all the people who lost their lives in the tragic moment..

  9. Sorry stret…This type of accident should never happen again!

  10. I don’t know what to say..??…:'(,:'(,:'(,:”'(

  11. I have travelled on Rabaul Queen and to go down with 400 of my country man and woman is a real tragedy. The ship itself can only carry up to 200 passengers and it is so shameful for such incident to happen when it could have been avoided at the first place. I can tell the feeling by those faces and the situation from the photo’s as it brings sorrow and tears to me but what do they mean to Rabaul Shipping?

  12. i knew about three people who went down that fateful day all three didint survive…the pictures really break my heart..just looking at the surviviors brings tears to my eyes..bikpla lewa pen stret for everyone who was on Rabaul Queen both survivors and the ones that perished…this is one event that will never be forgotten…

  13. So heartbreakg.

  14. I am trying to put myself in the situation of our country-men & women who have lost their lives in the tragedy. I imagine me, struggling for my breath and all around me was nothing but fear &confusions and the last-minute thoughts of “that’s the end of my life” flashing thru my mind. I imagine saying my last most heart-felt prayer for final forgiveness and wonder if my beloved relatives & friends would ever find & pull me out from in the hungry stomach of that cruel blue ocean.
    Sori tru ol lewa tru tru blo mipla. Mipla misim yupla. Yai na olsem? See you all when Christ appears in the clouds of Glory when it will be a great reunion day for all of us. May you rest in peace until He comes. Luv u all!

  15. Very heartfelt prayer to those who have lost their lives, their families, those who survived and families..

  16. It is a heart break and very painful to see our very own people perishing .

  17. Who is responsible for this. Mr Sharp, NMSA, The Government of PNG. Wake up and invest in this courntry more meaningfully. Remove Mr Sharp from the industry. Revoke his licenses, and make sure he never gets back into the industry.

  18. Pacific greetings. Those images of the survivors are heart wrenching. Could I use your images in a story I hope to put together for a Pacific magazine. Also could you advise whose name should we attribute the photos to.

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