PNG’s Opposition Shadow Ministers

Opposition leader Belden Namah has announced his appointment of the Shadow Ministers for the Opposition of the National Parliament.

Of the 17 MPs who are in opposition, 14 Open MPs have been delegated portfolios, while Namah’s 3 Provincial MPs – Akmat Mai (West Sepik); Jim Kas (Madang); and Sasindran Muthuvel (West New Britain) – will focus on their governorships.

The Opposition Shadow Ministers are:

  1. Belden Namah (PNG Party) – 2nd Term; Vanimo-Green River Open
    • Opposition Leader
    • Defense, Internal Security, Correctional Services
  2. Sam Basil (PNG Party) – 2nd Term; Bulolo Open
    • Deputy Opposition Leader
    • National Planning, District Development, Health & HIV/AIDS
  3. Dr Allan Marat (MLP) – 3rd Term; Rabaul Open
    • Attorney General, Commerce & Trade, Foreign Affairs & Immigration
  4. Joseph Lelang (CRP) – 1st Term; Kandrian-Gloucester Open
    • Treasury & Finance
  5. Tobias Kulang (PNGCDP) – 2nd Term; Kundiawa Open
    • Opposition Whip
    • Public Enterprises, Public Service
  6. Francis Marus (PNG Party) – 2nd Term; Talasea Open
    • Forestry, Climate Change, Environment & Conservation
  7. Lucas Dekena (PNG Party) – 2nd Term; Gumine Open
    • Lands, Physical Planning, Housing & Urban Development, Communication & Information Technology
  8. Francis Potape (PNG Party) – 2nd Term; Komo-Magarima Open
    • Petroleum & Energy
  9. Daniel Mona (PNG Party) – 1st Term; Goilala Open
    • Education, Research Science & Technology
  10. Ross Seymour (PNG Party) – 1st Term; Huon Gulf Open
    • Fisheries & Marine Resources, Mining
  11. Malakai Tabar (MLP) – 2nd Term; Gazelle Open
    • Agriculture & Livestock
  12. Lauta Atoi (PNG Party) – 1st Term; North-Bougainville Open
    • Bougainville Affairs, Intergovernmental Relations
  13. Ludwig Schultz (PANGU) – 2nd Term; Angoram Open
    • Works, Transport, Civil Aviation, Culture & Tourism
  14. Jeffrey Kuave (PNGCP) – 1st Term; Lufa Open
    • Community Development, Sports & Pacific Games

~ by Tavurvur on August 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “PNG’s Opposition Shadow Ministers”

  1. The 3 that did not get shadow ministries. Would those be:
    1. Bird Kimisopa
    2. Akmat Mai
    3. Jim Kas.

    Thanks Tavurvur for keeping us Informed.

    Kind Regards,

    • ‘Faye-Zina Lato’ – Actually, the other three MPs are Akmat Mai (WSP Governor), Jim Kas (Madang Govenor) and Sasindran Muthuvel (WNB Governor). Bire Kimisopa is not a member of the Opposition. He’s occupying the Middle Bench. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  2. This Team looks fine. I was thinking Marat will be Deputy but Sam Basil is still okay.

    • ‘Stern Cootes’ – Yes, I would have thought Marat would have taken the Deputy Opposition Leader post – but Basil is capable too. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  3. Thanks for a great job in keeping us updated. My current tally is government 77, Opposition 17 and 17 Independents, is this right?

    • ‘Dr Lesley Clark’ – Sort of. I’ll have to recount the figures. Opposition is 17, but the government tally is more than 77 as a good number of Independents have joined O’Neill. The figure being counted is 94; but that too is incorrect as there are a small handful of MPs who are occupying the Middle Bench – they are not in O’Neill’s coalition and they’re also not in Namah’s Opposition. Rgds, Tavurvur.

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