The Headhunter – Stanley Nandex

Stanley "The Headhunter" NandexHe was known as the Headhunter in his brutal past profession and is one of those rare Papua New Guineans who have reached the pinnacle of their sport on an international level from the humble beginnings of the village.

Today, he still plays a key role in the development of the youth of PNG through the establishment of his kickboxing schools around the country.

I remember when the name Stanley Nandex was all over our newspapers, radio, and television – but there was rarely any televised footage of the man plying his trade.

It was one thing to read and hear about Nandex’s travels and victories in Australia and Turkey but to actually picture them mentally was just about impossible.

Which is why when I found this little clip of the Headhunter featuring some of his victories, I was slightly taken aback. Stanley Nandex was good – very good. Check it out:

~ by Tavurvur on February 2, 2009.

15 Responses to “The Headhunter – Stanley Nandex”

  1. Holy Cow! He’s Good! how cant a i heard about him before…
    is he in retirement?

  2. Hi Ritchie,

    Thanks for your comment. Stanley “The Headhunter” Nandex is retired now – he’s back in PNG promoting kick-boxing and has since started up a couple of kick-boxing schools around our country. His schools are already churning out the next generation of PNG kick-boxing stars.

    His success in Australia and Turkey is largely due to his A1 World Combat Cup promoter – Tarik Solak.

    You can find more information about Tarik Solak here:

  3. Sometimes I wander why people retire but that is our destiny. The Head Hunter has not only been a great sportsman as well as great entertainer with his signature kick. Good to see the Head Hunter is back in PNG grooming up and coming junior Heat Hunters in the likes of Laurie Nandex and Andy Sam to name a few. Farewell, Stanley Nandex “Head Hunter”. You’ve done us proud!!!

  4. Stanley Nandex won the WKA thaiboxing worldtitle -83kg this year!

    Go PNG! 😉

  5. Am always proud to be supporter of Nandex through his kickboxing carrier as a simple village boy who made it up to be a world champion in Kick-boxing. What a great silent achiever. He has done PNG proud and a true PNG flag carrier. You’ve done us proud.

    • Of course you`re right…from a very humble begining to a professional kickboxer. He had set a precedent for one who desire to achieve something in life.

  6. Yes, he is truely a National Hero! I wish him well now that he is back home helping local youth.
    I am an Australian, but worked in PNG in the 70’s and 80’s. Nau mi hap lapun (58).
    Well done, mate. You’re an inspiration to PNG!

  7. Well done stanley. yu went All the way to mike zambidis. yu made me proud.

  8. that is my true brother,.

  9. As I recall he lost against Zambo.

  10. self claimed headhunter nothing but an ordinary boxer-what have you done for png, nothing but man blong stilim na konim ol meri blong narapla man

    • Yep he was truly a National hero and he is truly a Nat hero today..Living in a simple/humble life and with determination he passed the exam..Through the wildeness of pain and patient he did it. you really made me proud and will truly support u in any events staged back in PNG..Well done Bro..Your naiki eric

  11. There is always two sides of the coin in all aspects of life. Yes Stanely Nandex lost to mike zambidis, he was the world`s best fighter who started from a humble begining. He made PNG proud. Turkey and Europe was at his feet when he won the world A1 combat… undisputed figther, The Head Hunter

  12. Stanley nandex is the world`s best fighter who proved himself as he brought Turkey and Europe to his legs when he won world A1 combat…

  13. Bro, it’s me Latin nDrihin from Manus your brotherhood for life, pliz email Stanley Nandex is the true hero and I was the closest friend,fighter,brother, since we met back in 1989 during our martial arts training in Port Moresby and Lae and the rest is history. I wonder if any Papua New Guinean can be the next HeadHunter, otherwise bro yu still the best and I will still treasure yu in my heart and be with you till God’s tear us apart.

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