PNG 2012 National Election Official Results

Find below the official results of the Papua New Guinea 2012 National Election which will be updated after an electoral winner has been declared by the respective returning officer:

  1. Peter O’Neill (Ialibu-Pangia Open, SHP) – People’s National Congress [Primary Vote]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  2. Charlie Benjamin (Manus Provincial) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Michael Sapau, Triumph Heritage Empowerment; 2nd Term.
  3. Ronny Knight (Manus Open, Manus) – New Generation Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Job Pomat, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  4. Don Polye (Kandep Open, Enga) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment [Primary Vote]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  5. Patrick Pruaitch (Aitape-Lumi Open, WSP) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  6. Byron Chan (Namatanai Open, New Ireland) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  7. John Simon (Maprik Open, ESP) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Beat Gabriel Kapris, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  8. Douglas Tomuriesa (Kiriwina-Goodenough Open, Milne Bay) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment [Elimination]
    • Beat Jack Cameron, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  9. Paul Isikiel (Markham Open, Morobe) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Koni Iguan, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  10. Paul Tiensten (Pomio Open, ENB) – People’s United Assembly [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  11. Allan Marat (Rabaul Open, ENB) – Melanesian Liberal Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  12. James Marape (Tari Open, Hela) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  13. Sam Basil (Bulolo Open, Morobe) – PNG Party [Primary Vote]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  14. Joe Sungi (Nuku Open, WSP) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Beat Andrew Kumbakor, PANGU Pati; 1st Term.
  15. Ben Micah (Kavieng Open, New Ireland) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Martin Aini, People’s National Congress; 3rd Term.
  16. Ezekiel Anisi (Ambunti-Dreikikir Open, ESP) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Tony Aimo, National Alliance; 1st Term.
    • Tony Aimo successfully petitioned Anisi’s win, and has been declared and sworn in as the new MP for Ambunti-Dreikikir.
  17. Sir Julius Chan (New Ireland Regional) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 6th Term.
  18. Philip Undialu (Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open, Hela) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Beat John Kekeno, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  19. Steven Kamma (South Bougainville Open, Bougainville) – United Resources Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  20. Mao Zemming (Tewae-Siassi Open, Morobe) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Vincent Michaels, PNG Party; 4th Term.
  21. Jimmy Miringtoro (Central Bougainville Open, Bougainville) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  22. Charles Abel (Alotau Open, Milne Bay) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  23. Francis Potape (Komo-Magarima Open, Hela) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  24. John Pundari (Kompiam-Ambum Open, Enga) – People’s Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 4th Term.
  25. James Lagea (Kagua-Erave Open, SHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  26. Richard Maru (Yangoru-Saussia Open, ESP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Peter Wararu, National Alliance; 1st Term.
  27. Ludwig Schultz (Angoram Open, ESP) – PANGU Pati [Elimination]
    • Beat Arthur Somare, National Alliance; 2nd Term.
  28. Joseph Yopyyopy (Wosera-Gaui Open, ESP) – Social Democratic Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Ronald Asik, PNG Party; 1st Term.d
  29. Anderson Agiru (Hela Provincial) – People’s United Assembly [Elimination]
    • Inaugural Governor; 2nd Term.
  30. Joseph Lelang (Kandrian-Gloucester Open, WNB) – Coalition for Reform Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Tony Puana, New Generation Party; 1st Term.
  31. Jim Simatab (Wewak Open, ESP) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  32. Theo Zurenuoc (Finschhafen Open, Morobe) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  33. Lauta Atoi (North Bougainville Open, Bougainville) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  34. Bob Dadae (Kabwum Open, Morobe) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  35. Gisuwat Siniwim (Nawae Open, Morobe) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Timothy Bonga, National Alliance; 1st Term.
  36. Tommy Tomscoll (Middle Ramu Open, Madang) – People’s Democratic Movement [Elimination]
    • Beat Ben Semri, National Alliance; 2nd Term.
  37. Benjamin Philip (Menyamya Open, Morobe) – United Resources Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  38. Ross Seymour (Huon Gulf Open, Morobe) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Sasa Zibe, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  39. David Arore (Ijivitari Open, Oro) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  40. Sir Michael Somare (East Sepik Regional, ESP) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; Undefeated since 1968; 8th Term since Independence.
  41. Malakai Tabar (Gazelle Open, ENB) – Melanesian Liberal Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  42. Solan Mirisim (Telefomin Open, WSP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Peter Iwei, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  43. William Duma (Mt Hagen Open, WHP) – United Resources Party [Primary Vote]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  44. Davis Steven (Esa’ala Open, Milne Bay) – People’s Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Moses Maladina, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  45. Delilah Gore (Sohe Open, Oro) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Anthony Nene, Independent; 1st Term. Our 5th female MP ever.
  46. Ano Pala (Rigo Open, Central) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  47. Titus Philemon (Milne Bay Provincial) – People’s Progress Party [Elimination]
    • Beat John Crittin, People’s National Congress; 3rd Term.
  48. Ken Fairweather (Sumkar Open, Madang) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  49. Ereman ToBaining (Kokopo Open, ENB) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by the late Patrick Tammur; 1st Term.
  50. Francis Marus (Talasea Open, WNB) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  51. Belden Namah (Vanimo-Green River Open, WSP) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  52. Loujaya Toni (Lae Open, Morobe) – People’s Indigenous Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Bart Philemon, New Generation Party; 1st Term. Our 6th female MP ever.
  53. De Kewanu (Mendi Open, SHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Issac Joseph, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  54. Sasindran Muthuvel (West New Britain Provincial) – Coalition for Reform Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Peter Humphreys, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  55. Boka Kondra (North Fly Open, Western) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  56. Francis Awesa (Imbonggu Open, SHP) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  57. Rimbink Pato (Wapenamanda Open, Enga) – United Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Miki Kaeok, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  58. Aide Ganasi (South Fly Open, Western) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Sali Subam, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  59. Robert Ganim (Wabag Open, Enga) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Sam Abal, Independent; 1st Term.
  60. Roy Biyama (Middle Fly Open, Western) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  61. Justin Tkatchenko (Moresby South Open, NCD) – Social Democratic Party [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by Dame Carol Kidu retiring; 1st Term.
  62. Gordon Wesley (Samurai-Murua Open, Milne Bay) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  63. Sir Puka Temu (Abau Open, Central) – Our Development Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  64. Nixon Duban (Madang Open, Madang) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Buka Malai, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Part; 1st Term.
  65. Michael Malabag (Moresby North-West, NCD) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by Sir Mekere Morauta retiring; 1st Term.
  66. Ati Wobiro (Western Provincial) – People’s United Assembly Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Dr Bob Danaya, PNG Labor Party; 1st Term.
  67. John Hickey (Bogia Open, Madang) – National Alliance [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  68. James Gau (Rai Coast Open, Madang) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Eliminaton]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term
  69. Paru Aihi (Kairuku-Hiri Open, Central) – People’s National Congress [Eliminaton]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  70. Leo Dion (East New Britain Provincial) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  71. Pesab Komal (Nipa-Kutubu Open, SHP) – People’s National Congress [Eliminaton]
    • Beat Philemon Embel, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  72. Koi Trappe (Mul-Baiyer Open, WHP) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Sani Rambi, National Alliance; 1st Term.
  73. Kila Haoda (Central Provincial) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Alphonse Moroi, New Dawn Transformation Party; 1st Term.
  74. Benny Allan (Unggai-Bena Open, EHP) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  75. Daniel Mona (Goilala Open, Central) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Mathew Poia, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  76. Anton Yagama (Usino-Bundi Open, Madang) – United Resources Party [Eliminaton]
    • Beat Samson Kuli, People’s Party; 1st Term.
  77. Kelly Naru (Morobe Provincial) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Luther Wenge, People’s First Party; 1st Term.
  78. William Powi (Southern Highlands Provincial) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by Anderson Agiru choosing to contest Hela Provincial; 1st Term.
  79. Benjamin Poponawa (Tambul-Nebilyer Open, WHP) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat, 2nd Term.
  80. Lucas Dekena (Gumine Open, Simbu) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat, 2nd Term.
  81. Gary Juffa (Oro Provincial) – People’s Movement for Change [Elimination]
    • Beat Suckling Tamanabae, United Resources Party; 1st Term.
  82. Jeffrey Kuave (Lufa Open, EHP) – PNG Country Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Yawa Silupa, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  83. Westly Nukundj (Dei Open, WHP) – People’s Party [Eliminaton]
    • Beat Puri Ruing, United Resources Party
  84. Havila Kavo (Gulf Provincial) – People’s National Congress [Eliminaton]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  85. Richard Mendani (Kerema Open, Gulf) – PNG Country Party [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by the late Pitom Bombom; 1st Term.
  86. Mark Maipakai (Kikori Open, Gulf) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 3rd Term.
  87. Akmat Mai (West Sepik Provincial) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Simon Solo, National Alliance; 1st Term.
  88. Camillus Dangma (Kerowagi Open, Simbu) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Guma Wau, United Resources Party; 1st Term.
  89. Wera Mori (Chuave Open, Simbu) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Jim Nomane, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  90. Mai Dop (Jimi Open, Jiwaka) – United Resources Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Wake Goi, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  91. Tobias Kulang (Kundiawa Open, Simbu) – PNG Constitutional Democratic Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.
  92. Jim Kas (Madang Provincial) – PNG Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Sir Arnold Amet, National Alliance; 2nd Term.
  93. Joe Lera (Bougainville Provincial) – United Resources Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Fidelis Semoso, National Alliance; 1st Term.
  94. Mehrra Kipefa (Obura-Wonenara Open, EHP) – Stars Alliance Party [Elimination]
    • Beat John Boito, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  95. Johnson Tuke (Kainantu Open, EHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Sai Beseo, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  96. Dr Fabian Pok (North Waghi Open, Jiwaka) – United Resources Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Benjamin Mul, Independent; 2nd Term.
  97. Kerenga Kua (Sinasina-Yongomugl Open, Simbu) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Jeffrey Nape, Rural Development Party;  1st Term.
  98. Ron Ganarafo (Daulo Open, EHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Kondo Patrick, Independent; 1st Term.
  99. Bire Kimisopa (Goroka Open, EHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Thompson Harokaqveh, Independent; 2nd Term.
  100. Mogerema Sigo Wei (Karimui-Nomane Open, Simbu) – People’s Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Posi Menai, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  101. Robert Atiyafa (Henganofi Open, EHP) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Ferao Orimyo, Independent; 1st Term.
  102. Isaac Waigavara (Okapa Open, EHP) – People’s National Congress [Elimination]
    • Beat Bonny Oveyara, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  103. Labi Amaiu (Moresby North-East, NCD) – People’s Movement for Change Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Andrew Mald, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 1st Term.
  104. Komun Joe Koim (Angalimp-South Waghi Open, Jiwaka) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Fills vacancy created by Jamie Maxtone-Graham choosing to contest Jiwaka Provincial; 1st Term.
  105. Nixon Mangape (Lagaip-Porgera Open, Enga) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat Philip Kikala, People’s National Congress; 1st Term.
  106. Dr William Tongamp (Jiwaka Provincial) – New Generation Party [Elimination]
    • Inaugural Governor; 1st Term.
  107. Paias Wingti (Western Highlands Provincial) – People’s Democratic Movement [Elimination]
    • Beat Tom Olga, Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party; 6th Term.
  108. Peter Ipatas (Enga Provincial) – People’s Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 4th Term.
  109. Noah Kool (Simbu Provincial) – Independent [Elimination]
    • Beat John Garia, PNG Party; 1st Term.
  110. Julie Soso (Eastern Highlands Provincial) – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party [Elimination]
    • Beat Malcom Smith, United Resources Party; 1st Term. Our 7th female MP ever.
  111. Powes Parkop (NCD Provincial) – Social Democratic Party [Elimination]
    • Retains seat; 2nd Term.

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  1. Patrict Pruitch,Aitape Lumi District,NA Party,retain his seat

  2. I am overseas and I am very appreciative of your updates on the elections. Keep up the good work. Cheers

    • ‘Dr Jonathan Leslie’ – Thank you. I appreciate the gratitude. Rgds, Tavurvur.

    • Me too! I am so grateful to have your information! Amamas nogut tru! Congrats to Mr Anton Yagama, rait man, rait taim. Gods hand and blessings upon him.

  3. I believe Gabriel Kapris was a 2-term MP, first beating Pita Lus in the 2002 elections.

    • ‘John Kinima’ – Yes, Gabriel Kapris was a two term MP. The “1st Term” I have in place on my post above refers to John Simon, not Gabriel Kapris. All indication of terms are in regards to the winning candidate, not the losing MP.

  4. Congratulations to John Simon in wining the seat from Gabriel Kapris. May the good Lord guide you in your Leadership..Dominic Jey, NBPOL, KIMBE.

  5. Thank you for the updates. relly appreciate. would like to know more later. News and what is happening.

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  7. Thank you very much for the update.

    • ‘Margaret’ et. al – Thank you all for the compliments. Keep following The Garamut for more election results as they come in. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  8. Have Ben Micah declared for Kavieng Open yet ?

    • ‘Robert Kuman’ – My understanding is that Ben Micah did finish first, but the counting of votes were the subject of an official dispute from scrutineers of other candidates. He has yet to be declared. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  9. Good job with your updates. Some upsets seen already. Thanks

  10. Tavurvur, marum! Would you have any updates on the Kokopo Open seat? Seems the Electoral Commission’s site is idle and hasnt been updated for almost 6 days now.

    • ‘Wes Waninara’ – No updates from Kokopo Open. I understand that there have been a number of complaints lodged regarding the counting of votes. It has taken a long time to sort out – quite unfortunate. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  11. Congrulations to the new MP for Maprik John Simon,From JIWIKA Province, we your uncles from Aprup Banz,acknowledges your victo

  12. update on declared seats nd counting results to add on.

    • ‘Paul Kepou’ – That information would be good to provide as well, but alas, I am but one person. I’m not the Electoral Commission. I am just one man. So if you want exact numbers, I suggest you call the PNGEC and find out. Good luck with that. Rgds, Tavurvur.

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  14. Thanks for the update Tavurvur. The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting for PNG politics. I look forward to your updates and analysis.

  15. VG open” Belden Namah “has taken the lead from Willie Obow….Appreciate for update,,,cheers

  16. Thank you for the update. you are doing the very good job. well done and keep it up.

  17. Congrats to all who have already won. Hope they will put the people who voted them in first in delivering of goods and services.

  18. Let Peter O’neill form da gov’t… Lets all stop corruption!

  19. i think that this website is a great initiative taken to inform the general public on the current affairs happening around PNG in terms of Politics and governance’s good to keep the citizens well updated on what is happening around them so that they are aware of the daily events that arise within this nation..Many Thanks to Garamut!

  20. Fast track the corrupt MP’s cases, like Paul Tienstein. Have him hanged for good. The thief.

  21. Bro, you’re doing a fine job in your update. Beneficial to those living outside PNG.

  22. Bro thanks for the info…Plse would you have any updates from Bogia. Info will greatly appreciated. Chrs..Rob

    • ‘Robert’ – Bogia is one of the last electorates where counting has begun. This is because of that particular ‘mishap’ which happened there. No numbers yet for Bogia, but I’ll keep any eye out for them. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  23. Bro would you update any latest from Mendi Open and SHP Regional. Tanx, DeKay

  24. This is great stuff! Good for those of us who miss the evening news and don’t have time to read the dailies. Keep these most appreciated updates going.

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  26. why allowing EHP to cast their votes last…I think thye are the sleeping giants of the Higlanders… TRU AVE- DEVE

  27. any latest on vanimo green?

    • ‘Donald’ – Belden Namah is in the lead in Vanimo-Green. He currently leads by 1839 votes. Dorothy Tekwie is well behind. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  28. Hi,

    I’m working overseas and would like to know any latest update on the Rigo open counting, I don’t seem to log onto the PNGEC website.

    Wanbel stap!!

  29. I strongly believe that Peter O’Neil is a young and vibrant leader that will lead PNG to the next level with its party.
    Thank you very much for the updates…Job well done.

  30. Thanks for the update for those of us away from home…..

  31. How many PNC candidates are currently leading as of now?

    • ‘John Kaupa’ – PNC leads the race at this moment in time with 6 MPs declared. Second is Triumph Heritage Empowerment on 4 and People’s Progress Party on 4. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  32. alot of members elected during this election are known for mismanagement and corrupt practices , some still in the courts others were stop from Public offices for severals years . surprisingly they are back to manage this country, make laws tougher for corrupt people and banned for life: God bless PNG

    • ‘George Lalaoia’ I would agree with that statement. Yet, our people vote the same people in again. So whose fault is it? MPs need votes to be MPs. Rgds, Tavurvur.

    • Agree, perhaps policies that do not allow for candidates with pending court cases and those with criminal records to stand for elections. Makes one wonder what voters see in these shameless, power-hungry, aliens!

      • ‘Lhebosha’ – Yes, I think something along the lines of this, possibly under the Leadership Code, should be considered. We do already have laws prohibiting people with convictions of greater than 6months from standing for elections, but it is somewhat ironic that the biggest thieves are still standing. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  33. Belden needs a second term.Nobody knew about West Sepik until Belden’s reign.If he had not done does things people disagree about who would doit?

    • Yeah, would u give an example to what Mr Namah has done to West Sepik?? Sitdown and analyse what a politician of the status of Deputy Prime Minister would always go against his PM. Mr Namah acted way out of his form using his own so call buddies made out of unloyal soldiers ppl like Allan Nangrumo and his friends to challenge the juducial system. Never in a country anywhere in the world a politician walk into a court house n demand such n such. Mr Namah himself was convicted for not keeping his constitutional duties when he was a Officer in the PNGDF. He fail his duty to protect the government of the day at that time. He was convicted n put behind bars.He had never consulted the PM in doing some decisions. What jack, I saw him in Cairns perving at ladies n kids doing Jumba. Hahaha not a minister calibre, tell him to grow up

      • ‘Joseph Ewainde’ – It’s not so much an issue of Belden Namah doing things that nobody would do, it’s more of an issue of doing things that nobody would do in a manner by which is legal, consistent with the Rule of Law and the Constitution, and maybe to a lesser degree, reflective of his position as the Deputy Prime Minister of our country. I think that is what worries the majority of PNGeans. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  34. Author Somare has lost his seat to LUDWIG PATRICK SCHULZE…

  35. Thanks for the updates, really appreciate this.

  36. A job well done for the updates. Keep up with the excellent out put. Will always be with Garamut. Congratulation to Mr Ludwig Schulze for ousting out Mr Aurther Somare. Now the so call grand chief is powerless.

    • ‘Barth.Tiro’ – I wouldn’t say Sir Michael Somare is “powerless”. He’s had the longevity of a Titan. He’s a political genius. Maybe not as sharp as he used to be, but still as crafty as ever. Sir Michael will retain his Provincial seat. Arthur Somare is only one MP. National Alliance is a party of MPs. Let’s watch this space. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  37. Good deed.

  38. Can you update on counting for Sinasina Yongomuhl Open seat?

    • ‘Creedo’ – As of July 18, Kerenga Kua is leading Sinasina-Yongomugl. He’s on 1600 votes, and in front of John Mukale on 960 votes. Still very early days. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  39. Wats on wit madang open seat?Too many informal votes i guess.

  40. Is Mao Zemming the same guy who was a member before?

    • ‘Robert Kuman’ – Yes. He was Deputy PM under Sir Bill Skate. From memory, towards the end of that term, he was the center of controversy over the misuse of public funds. He returns to Parliament for his 4th Term, so he has a fair bit of experience. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • And he was a Deputy PM in the PDM led govt but not sure exactly when. Tavurvur thanks for all the updates and keep u the good work.

  41. I think Arthur Somare’s defeat may actually help The National Alliance in a funny way. He is clearly reviled by many in PNG and having to deal with him in a team situation would have put some potential coalition partners off working with NA.

    • ‘Johnny’ – Possibly. It’s also important to note that although the East Sepik is National Alliance’s traditional stronghold, they are doing well in a number of other seats from around the country too – with a good number of candidates remaining in the top 3. They have lost 3 key seats in East Sepik, which they made up for by 2 surprise wins, and they will pick up a handful more too. It’s not at all over for National Alliance. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  42. Thanks for the updateing……wantok….!!!


  44. Congratulation to Mr Joseph Lelang for winning Kandrian Glocester. Hope there is gonna be some changes to West New Britain. Good

    • ‘Bart’ – His party, Coalition for Reform Party, may just take out the provincial seat too with Sasindran Muthuvel doing well. An extremely good start for a newly registered political party. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  45. Congratulations Mr. Lelang

    We all so proud of you. DNPM long serving staff..

  46. Would you have any idea on the latest updat for South Fly open???

    • ‘Margaret’ – Counting in South Fly is still ongoing. I don’t have the latest results, but as of the 17 July, Aide Ganasi was leading on 1972 votes, with Sali Subam on 1920, and Conrad Haoda on 1484 votes. Still a long way to go. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  47. Congratulations to Joseph Lelang and Anderson Agiru for their win in their respective electorates.

  48. Can anyone update me on the latest for the Wabag and Wapenamanda Open Electorates in the Enga Province

    • ‘Charles K’ – As of the 18 July, Sam Abal leads Wabag Open on 12,398 votes. In second place is Robert Ganim on 9,531 votes. Third place is Paul Kurai on 7877 votes.

      Wapenamanda Open: As of the 16 July (no newer updates), Yangakun Kaeok leads on 10,800 votes, followed by Rimbink Pato on 9660 votes, and then Watao Kare on 4580 votes. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  49. Thank you tru. I heard that their primary votes were already counted so are they going through the elimination process today.

  50. Good leading Mr William Powi for Southern Highland Provincial seat.The people of Southern Highland will be very proud if you were to be the gavenor of our province and olso the first gevenor when we seperate with Hella Province.Thank you Mr Powi for lead in a race.

    • william powi would be the 1st governor for sure but what is he capable of doing?? Has done nothing when he was administrator so lets just hope he can pull up his socks when he’s governor…………

  51. Thanks for the updates. Just looking at the current winning candidates. It’s gonna be very tough to form a government with to many political parties.

    • ‘Bart’ – Yes, this is always the case for any sort of formation of government in the PNG context. That’s what makes it so exciting! Rgds, Tavurvur.

  52. Anderson p agiru your win is a heart full of joy coz ur team will contnue to fight nd uphold our constitn.

  53. There should be 36 members declared…you have not included Middle Ramu Member elected –Hon Assik Tommy Tomscoll.


    • ‘Rexx’ – Just updated it. There’s been a bit of a rush, so just keeping up with real time developments. PNC is on fire. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  54. If there is a hung parlaiment. Will the country go back to the polls?

    • ‘Jonathan Leslie’ – I would argue that it would be next to impossible for there to ever be a hung parliament in the PNG context. We have yet to even have one party gain a majority since 1977. All parliaments have been minority coalition governments that have gained a majority. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  55. Tanx Tavurvur 4 d updates….
    what’s d latest for Madang Regional and Open? Updates pls!

  56. Good to see PNC is progressing ahead with the tally. PPP is making good grounds as well.

  57. any updates on the esa’ala seat esp now that the choppers and “extra” lawenforcers have been evicted? and what was that about?

    • ‘Lhebosha’ – As of a few hours away, Davis Steven leads Esa’ala Open on 5429 votes, followed by Moses Maladina on 4219 votes. Absolute majority needed to win the seat is 9776. An upset is on the cards. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  58. Congratulations to David Arore for your election victory and wish you best in serving the people of Ijivitari.

  59. Hi, would u mind updating on Vanimo Green river open pls.

  60. Can you confirm the Lae Open seat been declared today ?

  61. Sasa Zibe is listed on the Electoral Commission website as having stood for the PNC not NA.

    • ‘Sean Dorney’ – Sharp eyes. Thank you. Mistake corrected. I was looking at the 2007 MP list, which Zibe ran in with National Alliance. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  62. This is very valuable – I’ve been trying to follow on the EC website but they take an age to put up the results. Regards, Sean.

    • ‘Sean Dorney’ – Thank you. Yes. The PNGEC website is useless when it comes to updates. I’ve been about 3-6 MPs ahead of them since the election started. NBC is probably the fastest local PNG media, but they too are very slow in some electorates. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  63. Sorry to suggest another pedantic correction
    – but Middle Ramu is in Madang not Morobe. Sean

    • ‘Sean Dorney’ – One mistake is rare with me. Two is unheard of! I’ve been on PNG coffee for the past few days. Corrected. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  64. Any lastest update for Chuave Open Counting?

    • ‘Joel Kama’ – Counting in all Chimbu electorates has just started, so it’s very early days. In Chuave Open at the moment, Wera Mori leads on 2115 votes; followed by Jim Nomane 1551; and George Mume on 1373 votes. Rgds, Tavurvur

  65. It was widely criticised over the last 10 months that Oneil govt was illigetimate n he hijacked the system. However, the election results proved that Peter Oneil is the ppl’s choice.

  66. Many thanks Tavurvur,

    Any updates for Oro Regional?

    Regards, albert

    • ‘Albert Kaib’ – Updates for Oro Regional have been slow. The last results I’ve heard had Gary Juffa in front, but that’s about all I can help you with so far. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  67. You are doing a great job, Tavurvur. Very much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work you are doing. I also hope that Delilah Gore wins Sohe Open. We need more female MP’s in PNG!

  68. It’s good grand chief somare has retained his seat.

  69. Hopefully he thinks maturely by serving the country rather then making comments like a school boy

  70. CONGRATULATIONS to Delilah Gore and thank you to the people of Sohe for electing her. With you Tavurvur. Cheers. Pelkong.

  71. any updates regarding Bogia..thanks

  72. Congratulations to all the MP’s elect and may the Good Lord almighty give you wisdom and knowledge to Lead this beautiful country for the next 5 years.

    To PNC Party and all its candidates elect who are new and those who retained their seats God Bless you all.

    Cheers to all.

    PNC Supporter.

  73. Thank God. Congratulation son Titus Philemon. It is time to bring some real changes in milne bay province. Yes, it is the prime time for the star from the east to bring good tidings.

  74. Congrates to Tobaining Jnr member elect for Kokopo electorate and may the Lord almighty guide you through the next 5years of your term in National Parliament,

  75. Please,can you up date me on the latest progress of PNC candidates doing around the country for those electorates yet to be declared. PNC Supporter.

    • ‘Waka Tara Mari’ – That’s a bit challenging for me to do. It requires a bit of work and I’m already smothered with requests as it is with general inquiries on my blog, as it is.

      I can tell you that PNC has now won 13 parliamentary seats, and have secured the services of one Independent, James Lagea, which means they have 14. That’s pretty much the beginning of the creation of a government. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  76. From the results, it appears that the people have spoken in favour of PNC through the ballot. Congratulations PNC. I hope people have spoken with their mind and not gut full of quick bucks distributed during the campaigns. No one should be complaining about the government two years down the track . That I doubt it because as far as our political history goes, no Government is genuine: For the people, By the people and of the people. MP in PNG context is an occupation where the potential of you becoming filty rich is certain. May God Bless PNG

  77. I am in Lae and I would like to an update on the region seat in Bougainville.

    • ‘Richard Essam’ – As of today, Joe Lera leads on 14,459 votes; followed by Ishmael Toroama on 11,800 votes; then Fidelis Semoso on 9866 votes. They currently are in Elimination mode; four candidates have been excluded so far. The absolute majority required to win the seat is 34,496 votes. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  78. Tavurvur, any news on the Central Provincial and Kairuku Hiri. PNGEC site is so late its not funny

    • ‘Augi’ – I don’t have exact figures for you, and I can’t help you with Kairuku Hiri, but I heard yesterday that Kila Haoda was about 5000 votes clear in Central Provincial. I can’t verify this information, so take it with a grain of salt. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  79. Tavurvur thank you for the election updates, you are doing an excellent job especially for those of us living and working overseas.I have some of my former work colleagues and family friends contesting in this election. I am particularly interested in the outcome of Morobe and Western Provincial Seats, and the South Fly and Kerema Open Seats. Regards and keep the good work.

    • ‘Dr Nade Madu’ – Morobe Provincial: counting over, and elimination should be underway. I only have the figures from the end of voting which show Luther Wenge leading on 55,160 votes, followed by Kelly Naru on 52,688. Third is Ginson Saonu on 26,278.

      Western Provincial: I don’t have any figures for you, updates have been slow – but counting is still in its early stages.

      South Fly Open: Sali Subam leads on 2629, followed by Aide Ganasi 2486, and Conrad Haoda 2095. That’s after Elimination 25, majority needed to win is 9470.

      Kerema Open: Can’t help you either.

      Rgds, Tavurvur.

  80. Congratulatios! to the people of Vanimo Green Electorate to return our SNIPER, Belden Namah back to House Tambaran. I was in great doubt during the early counts which he (Namah) was trailing behind but, he finally made it to the front line and eventually declared. Hope he does not do more devastation to our constitution in this era.

  81. Whats the updated results for Lagaip – Porgera 22 July 2012… can someone email me ! i’m lost in deep ocean- floating in Vietnam.
    Thanks , Pyain wane

    • ‘Tomkeso Papi’ – As far as I know, counting continues in Lagaip-Porgera. Nixon Mangape leads on 21,729 votes; followed by Philip Kikala 21,611; and then Tomait Kapili 11,815. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  82. Its not him ,Belden ,who devastated our constitution but Chief Justice. The Prime Minister MUST be elected on the floor of Parliament and NOT in the court room.

    • Elisha Mamu. Well commented on the justice system in the country. It shows u don’t understand how the judiciary system works. The judiciary is the final body of all statutory bodies that determines, clarifies n direct what actions to be taken into account of any doubts the Parliament holds. Standby for further actions to be taken against Mr sniper “Namah” for his actions against the legal system now the is about to be over.

    • Sad day for PNG…it really is 😦 …

  83. Hi,
    The majority of Western Highlanders are still confused on whether the remaining. 19/20 uncounted ballot boxes for Hagen Central will be counted or not…. Since the provincial ballot papers are still unaccounted for in the counting process as Hon. William Duma was declared for the open seat…

    Can you please check and confirm??

    Cheers!! JDM

    • ‘Desmond Maipson’ – I’m not sure whether counting of left over boxes continues after a candidate is declared winner. Does anybody know? I would assume that one would like to finish off the counting process – if for nothing else, records. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • Ok but what about the provincial ballot papers in the left over twenty one uncounted boxes?? Is it legally right to avoid counting them too if the open seat is declared already as in this situation???

        Cheers!! JDM…

  84. Great news on Lae open. Go Loujaya! PNG needs more female MP’s. I’ve lost faith im most of the male MP’s.
    Stap wantaim yu Tavurvur.

  85. Congratulatios! to new MP for Tewae-Siassi Open Mr Mao Zemming, he’s a new leader .Advise not to involve for any corruption as previous year ago and he sacked for Deputy Prime Minister .

    cheers !! S/kain

  86. I want to congratulateall the newly elected members of new Hela Province Hon Anderson Agiru (new Governor ),Hon James Marabe Hon Frances Potape and Hon.Philip Undialu for your big win for Hela . I also want to thank Electoral commissioner Mr T Andrew and your hard working officers and security forces for peacefully conducting the election in Hela Provinces with out any disturbance to the billion kina LNG project currently under construction on Hela land . for those who came secound to last last still you a leader so work with your elected leaders for next fives ( 5 ) years.BUT NO COURT OF DISBUTE FROM ANY HELA LOOSING CANDIDATES .

    Komo Lemson Mabiria from Manila City

    • ‘Eddie Lemson’ – I would echo those congratulatory sentiments. Hela has a new beginning here. Some real good can be done – so too in Jiwaka. As for post-election legal action, well, there will always be something. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  87. Congratulations to Loujaya for winning Lae open. Well done people of Lae. It’s time for change.

  88. Congratulations on the two women MPs. The people of Sohe and Lae have shown the world that women are capable to enter parliament fair and square.

  89. yes in deed….well done to the two female elected MP’s. I do hope the lady from Lae open LOUJAYA TONI joins People’s National Congress Party in the formation of Government and given a Ministry. Be fantastic to see women in control of a Ministry…..carry on the good work of Dame Carol Kidu.

    The formation of the next government is going to be very very interesting….the independents now come into play….and I do hope they all don’t forget the mandate from which they campaigned.

  90. CONGRATULATIONS to the two women, Delilah Gore and Loujaya Toni and thankyou to the people of Sohe and Lae for voting them. Yupla fit nating! Ladies it is the start of the race… May the Lord continue to guide and lead you both for the women of PNG!!!!!!!!!!!

    Updates for EHP plis, Tru Ave!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Congratulations Loujaya Toni. Another positive result for PNG women.

  92. well done bro for what you are doing,,what is da latest for oro riginal seat ? who is leading or or who will get that seat,,,can you update for me .. thank you n good nigth..

    • ‘Webber Okave’ – Oro Provincial is on Elimination Round 10. Former Custom’s Commissioner, Gary Juffa, is leading on 6460 votes; followed by Allen Mesa on 5076; and Robert Ralewa on 3461.

      Sitting MP Suckling Tamanabae is well behind on 2013 votes. Absolute majority needed to win is 35,000 votes. A long way to go. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  93. Appreciate your daily updates

  94. Hi Tavurvur, would you have any updates on the Madang and Bougainville Provincial seat counting? Much appreciated.

    • ‘Finah’ – Hi there : ) Yes, Bougainville Provincial is currently being sorted out now; counting will start tonight. Madang Provincial – former governor Jim Kas overtook Sir Arnold Amet for the first time this afternoon. He’s on 23,000 votes, about 1000 in front of Amet. This will be an interesting race to watch. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  95. Hi Tavurur, can you update me on counting for Daulo Open Electorate in EHP please? I have been online for the last 2 days but was not able to get the latest updates from PNG EC.

  96. Please, could anyone update me on the lastest for Wabag and Wapendamanda Open electorates in the Enga Province?

  97. Thank you for all these updates. Very much appreciated. Please kindly update me on sinasina yongomugl electorate.

    • hi, for Sina Sina yongomugl, Kerenga Kua is leading with 5105 votes and followed by MILI REX KIAGE on 3467 while JEFFREY EKEN NAPE is on third place with 3334 votes.

  98. Hi Tavurvur, would you have any updates on the Wabag, Wapenamanda, Lagaip Porgera & Enga Provincial seat counting? Much appreciated.

    • hi, for Laigam/Porgera Open NIXON KOEKA MANGAPE is leading with 21729 votes while closely followed by sitting MP PHILIP KIKALA with 21611 votes.

      For Wabag Open sitting MP SAM ABAL is leading with 12398 votes closely followed by People’s party candidate ROBERT SANDAN GANIM with 9531 as of 18 July, 2012.

      For Wapenamda Open after going through 26 elimination Rimbinl Pato is leading with 14274 votes while closely followed by the Sitting MP, MIKI KAEOK on 13562 as of yesterday 22.7.2012

      For Regional as no updates as yet..

      • ‘Charles K’ – Thank you for answering these questions from my readers. It’s becoming difficult to keep up with everybody’s queries! I appreciate it. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • you are welcome, Tavurvur..

  99. Hi Tavurvur…would you have any latest on Bogia…thanks alot

    • ‘Robert K’ – Bogia is currently Elimination Rd 19. The last updates I viewed showed that sitting MP John Hickey was in front on 6162 votes; followed by David Wama 4435 and Sebastian Bagrie 1967. Majority required to win is 14,962. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  100. Akmat Mai newly elected member for West Sepik is showing good example to Highlands MPs who elected under party tickets & Independants to do the same..consider switch under T.H.E & PNC party to form next government before it’s too late. Let PNG Party & NA combine to form next Government.
    Wild West Enga

  101. From Bula country. You are doing a great job. any further update for the EHP please.

  102. Illegal to switch from one party to another party under the integrity organic law on political party’s. he will be referred by the EC to appropriate authorities to nullify his win and go for by-election. ( am I correct? , please correct me)
    Make this a hot topic. Professional Lawyers please post your professional legal interpretation and views on Integrity bill for political parties for discussion.
    Papua New Guinea united we stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ‘Elizah Mamu’ – No, you’re not correct. It’s perfectly legal – because of the Supreme Court ruling on the organic law in 2004 (I do believe?). There is nothing stopping elected MPs switching political parties before the return of the writs. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • I think the Supreme Court ruling was in 2010 – Alphonse Gelu told me in an interview I did with him a couple of weeks back. His response to my question on what the Supreme Court decision meant was: “It basically cut right through the heart of the Organic Law. Because that is the part of the Organic Law that all of us in Papua New Guinea basically thought would maintain this greater degree of political stability for a longer term, for a longer period. Unfortunately the Supreme Court made that decision and, and to many of us the decision of the Supreme Court would take us back to those days that I’ve already mentioned. Those days of high political instability. Those days, you know, of lack of party affiliation, party loyalty.”

      • ‘Sean Dorney’ – Yes, it did happen in 2010. I read the Supreme Court’s judgment last night. It was filed by the Provincial Government of Western Province.

        The only real comfort I guess is that candidates’ wins will still be counted for the party which originally endorsed them – up until the formation of government. That still doesn’t address the issue of government stability though. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  103. Hi Tavurvur, exellent up dates. Can you believe it .Its 1:45pm and todays copy of post courier and the national are not yet on the web.

  104. But then they were endorsed by the particular party and won under the parties name, how comes my brother? The integrity bill for Political parties is gonna be of no effect!

    Could you elaborate on 2004 supreme court ruling …

    Its not good for the country!

  105. Again I thought that only the INDEPENDENT members will go to any political parties before the Writs is returned.
    Thats what I think….. am I correct?

  106. Great work please keep it up. Can you please email me the results for Western Highlands Regional

  107. It’s looks like PNGeans are recycling the some ppl that have been referred to tribunal n still make their way back into the top house. Congratulation to the new faces.

  108. Can you please provide updates for EASTERN HIGHLANDS PLIS? Tenkyu tru long, Meri Bena.

    • ‘Naomi’ – I think Eastern Highlands Provincial is probably the most interesting seat in PNG in terms of the people contesting and the ensuing result. As of today, Samuel Si-I leads on 28,820; then Peti Lafanama 24,419; Moses Namagileso 24,091; then Julie Soso on 22,452. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  109. Thank you very much for the election updates..I really appreciate this.. We need God fearing people,Men & women (leaders) with principles and integrity, who have the heart to serve their people..

    Tidom and hanua boi namona 🙂

  110. Woo ; so many political parties,
    Which party is leading to govern PNG.

    • ‘Jerry’ – People’s National Congress is currently leading with 17 declared seats; followed by People’s Progress Party on 6; then Triumph Heritage Empowerment, National Alliance and PNG Party all on 5 each.

      I’ll be posting up the full statistics on The Garamut when I get some time, so keep an eye out for that. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  111. Moresby North West is looking like a close race. I wonder if we might see another female MP?

  112. I guess not, Electoral Commission website showing Sape in 3rd place. North West will either have Miria Ikupu or Michael Malabag as the new MP

  113. Can anyone update me on counting for Daulo Open Electorate, Please?

  114. Thankyou for the great updates you are providing and especially for EHP, first ever news for those overseas and relying on your updates. Tenkyu tru na God blessim yu.

  115. I am already celebrating the Victory Of Mr Powes Parkop. True definition of a True Leader.

  116. CONGRATS………… De kewanu for winnng Mendi Open. Good One!

  117. Congratulation to Major Aide Ganasi…for being elected the new member for South Fly….Bro, 3rd time lucky…..

    God bless you and your family!

    Best Regards
    Ray Lari (Port Moresby)

  118. Wow! what a great lead from the PNC party. They have totally destroyed the other parties. It basically means that the people have spoken. Our people were just looking for PNC candidates to vote into parliament and that’s exactly what they did. Our people want Peter O’neil to lead. The people have spoken. Let’s live it that way because afterall, it’s people power. Let there be peace. Let there be unity. Let there be no jealously, hate or division. Let us commit the winning government to Almighty God and let His will be done upon this great land of ours. There is no nation like ours. We are nations within a nation. A land of many languages but yet one voice. Oh, how I am proud to be a son of this great land. Let us be the united melanesian tribes of God.

    Go PNC party.

    May the good Lord give you the wisdom to lead the people of this great land.

  119. ITs very interesting to noted, in 2007, the people express their sentiments and completely destroyed the PDM party of Sir Morauta as their PM and voted in the NA to form the new Government. Most of the Current PNC members were NA members post 2007 elections. People dont vote on policies and I hope the same dont happen to PNC 2-3 yrs down the line

    • ‘Jonathan Leslie’ – Yes, this is a worthwhile observation. A good proportion of PNC’s winning members are former National Alliance men. This further stings the relationship between Sir Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  120. We are seeing the Rise of Peoples National Congress Party….,The people have spoken…To Care-Taker Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, you are chosen by GOD.

    Go PNC Party

    Awaii Peter (All the Best and Good Luck)

  121. How can O’Neill be chosen by GOD when he is yet to come clean of the NPF scandal. Has the NPF (now NASFUND) scandal been all forgotten???

  122. 56. Imbonggu Open Electorate – Pila Ninigi? 64. Nixon Duban? – Madang Open

    • ‘Sebastian’ – It appears that Imbonggu Open is in the unusual position of having two separate candidates declared – Francis Awesa and Pila Ninigi. My understanding is that the PNCEC is sorting this out now. Francis Awesa is listed as being “declared” by the PNGEC on their website.

      And Nixon Duban has just won Madang Open – about 20 mins ago.

      Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • Thanks for a wonderful job

      • Tavurvur…..can you please add some light on the Imbonggu declarations? Is it Awesa or Ninigi…..these two have been in each others neck during the counting

      • Tavurvur thanks for the update……every other news reporting agent/agency seems to have gone into hibernation it seems so ‘am very much appreciative of your updates here. Any late news regarding the Imbonggu double declaration?

  123. @ pelkong: For all have sinned and fall short of glory (Romans 3:23), however, GOD’s purpose for our lives has been into effect when we were not born yet…and it will stand not by our works but by him who calls it (Read Romans 9:11)..

    This will answer your question…Read your bible and you will understand!!

    • ‘Samuel Kapia’ and ‘Pelkong’ – A debate on the role of religion in politics is an objective argument. Nobody could possibly win it. Please accept each others’ point of view and move on. I would appreciate that. I will delete comments that are not relevant to this page on my blog. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  124. Tavurvur ,I agree with you. We discusse politic on this blog and not religion.

  125. Tavurvur, your doing an execllent job..even the ec with millions of kina cannot do the simple honourable thing to give live updates…your doing it at your own cost, your time to give us live, precise and correct information…somthing that PNG public institutions find it extremely hard to do although they have IT officers….I appreciate your time on this vey much…many thanks indeed

    • ‘Daniel Ninatole’ – Thank you. I appreciate it. I never thought of it that way before. It does sort of make you think, what is the PNGEC doing with all their money? Rgds, Tavurvur.

  126. Congratulations to Michael Bill Malabag, its a miracle. He’s the true leader we all been waiting for.

    Well done to all who gave him the oppotunity to take this task as we will show his people what a TRUE LEADERS..


    • Yes;

      Michael has been a people’s leader and he will server the people he represents better and fight corruption!

      Congratualtions Michael on you Win!!

  127. Hi Tavuvur, thanks for your committments in updating the people of PNG in the very wonder world of PNG’s national election. Your wonderful work also brings peace to the world of how the country is looking in terms of tourism n so fort. In saying that we need the elect leaders to look at what u are doing in promoting a very prosperous country n have some pride of who they represent n bring some development into the country.

  128. Tavurvur
    You have done well on this blog in updating the 2012 national election results. The update on this site is spot on and accurate and timely. Quite opposite to what the EC should be doing on it’s more publicized website. Weldone to those involve and you all deserve a credit for your efforts. The hit count on this website will surely increase because we are alos telling other friends to acess for instant results on updates.

    Tenk u tru!

  129. Belden Nama’s comments on EMTV is all meaning less.which the people of this nation can not understand. You’re also telling your electorate what type of person you are.Peter o’niell will be the next Prime Minister and my view are that you co operate coz O’niell knows how to play the game. Mr. Belden Nama co operate please.This is politics don’t be child minded Mr Nama.
    Siwiremo original wafi golpu.

  130. Hi Tavurvur, I heard rumours that the Grand Chief, Sir Jay n Mr Wingti had join hands with Mr Oneil PNC. It show a good sign of the three ex PMs thinking wisely in forming a government.

  131. very good indeed. O niel is humbled. Somare is respected by everybody , o niel has done very honorable thing when he join hand with Lapun father of papua new guinean. We must farewell him properly when he exit political arena.
    O Niel , I salute you for that.

  132. Whilst your afforts are commendable, some of the information regarding MPs terms are factually incorrect. Please recheck and get them updated. The political horse trading has just started and the moves at the moment have under currents in them. Thi is PNG politics.Do not trust any one and any move especially before the formation of government. We will have to wait and see and hope that such political marriages emerge out of a sincere deeper meaning and that is to put the interets of PNG and its citizens ahead of their own egos and personal gain and glory in order to restore so many bad things that have gone wrong under eyes….

    • ‘Moksman Wamox’ – As far as I know, they are accurate. If you know of one which is incorrect, then I would be more than happy to listen, re-look at it and correct it. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  133. let’s get real,who ever is desperate 2 be da next PM. the people av spoken.not evri 1 wil become da PM. da desperados av 2 cek der track record. As an ordinary MP, Peter Oniel has brought real tangible services 2 his Ialibu/Pangia electorate. Unlike da wanna be”s.der electorate as can u be da PM.? PNG wants Peter Oniel 2 continue as da Prime Ministert of Papua New Guinea. so ya let Peter Oniel be da PM of P N.G. all da great an ril leaders ar supporting him. if da Chief. an father of dis nation as join Peter Oniel den dats show an mins sumtin. desperados do not emberass ur voters.

    • ‘Tomas Undupie’ – Please use proper English. I detest sms/text speech, or “Pnglish”. I will let this comment pass. Anything more like this in the future will be deleted. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  134. Hi Mr Moksman Wamox.

    Appreciate your input don’t mind if u could update all Tavurvur followers of your version or your latest buzz……. Cheers

  135. Thanks Tavurvur for all the current updates. I am interested to know the current updates of Sinasina Yongomugl electorate. Can anyone inform me of the latest.

    • ‘Kola’ – Sinasina-Yongomugl after Count 28: Kerenga Kua 5923; Mili Kiage 4571; Jeffrey Nape 3388; John Mua 2953. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  136. At last common sense have prevailed. All the former Prime Ministers supporting Mr O’Niell. That day will go down in history of PNG politics as the day People of PNG were put first and foremost than petty politics. God Bless PNG

  137. I wish to clarify the comments by Jonathan Leslie as follows with respect to party affiliations:
    1.Peter O’Neill – (Ialibu/Pangia) 2002 to current – PNC Party Member
    2.Charlie Benjamin (Manus Provincial) 1997-2002 PNC & 2012 PNC
    3.Paul Esikiel (Markham) 2012 – PNC
    4.James Marabe (Tari-Pori) 2007 – NA then joined PNC in 2012 now Member elect as PNC
    5.Mao Zeming – 1992-1997 PDM; 1997-2002 PNC & 2012-PNC
    6.Jimmy Miringtoro-2007 PDM joined PNC in 2011,2012 PNC
    7.Charles Abel -2007 NA then 2011 joined PNC; 2012 PNC
    8.Ano Pala 2007 – NA then joined PNC IN EARLY 2012, won 2012 PNC
    9.Bob Dadae -2007 ? joined PNC in 2011; 2012 PNC
    10.Boka Kondra-2007 Ind. then joined PNC 2007;
    11.Ereman Tobaining Jnr. 2012 – PNC
    12.Ken Fairweather 2007-PNC – 2012 PNC
    13.Lauta Atoi-2010 ? Joined PNC 2011;now won 2012 PNC
    14.Francis Awesa -2007 ? With PNC 2010 now won 2012 PNC
    15.Aide Ganasi – 2012 PNC
    16.Roy Biyama-?joined PNC 2012 AND contested under PNC -2012
    17.Nixon Duban-2002 to current 2012 PNC
    18.Michael Malabag – 2012 PNC
    19.Gordon Wesly – 2007? joined PNC 2011; won 2012 – PNC
    20.Gisuat Siniwin- 2012 PNC
    PNC Party Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and was established by Late Sir William Skate – Prime Minister 1997 to 1999
    PNC has 12 Candidates in numbers 1 & 2 positions so we are looking at a few more to cross the lines. I wish to thank all those Papua New Guineans who have favoured its Party Policies and will continue to observe the conduct of this Party in terms of honoring its commitments to PNG.
    former President

  138. Thanks Tavurvur for committing your own time and resources to hosting this forum. Much appreciated. please any news on the Imbongu double declarations?

    • ‘Moses’ – Yes, this has been sorted out now. The rightful winner is PNC’s sitting MP Francis Awesa. The other candidate who was declared the following morning by the Returning Officer is Pila Ninigi. Both the Returning Officer and Ninigi are now under arrest for electoral fraud. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  139. Thanks Tavurvur; very much appreciated

  140. OMG!!!Thank goodness Bob Danaya Lost..I didnt see any development within the last 5 years.

  141. E.H. arua – thanks tavurvur, since i googled “latest PNG election updates” on Sunday, I found this blog and I have really fallen in love with it. according to my own evaluation, it is so accurate, up-to-date and very professional. I have kept coming back to it since and I guess will be for a very long time from now on. With due respect to our newspaper companies and the PNGEC sites results page, this is blog has being so informative for me. you are not only helping us (the ones with access to internet) but the information that we get from here is also disseminated to our families and friends in the remotest and rural areas. I have and am recommending so many of my friends to this blog. thank you once again. I do really appreciate it. You are certainly making a difference in our lives in terms of IT.

    May the best government be formed. Go PNC party!

    • ‘EH Arua’ – You’re too kind. Thank you. Rgds, Tavurvur.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Emmanuel Arua. I am on the other side of the world and I get updates from Tavurvur and text my husband in his village in remote South Bougainville. Tavurvur-top mangi stret ya!

  142. please update on Sinasina Yongomuhl.. (Simbu), how is Jeffrey Nape going??

    • ‘Creedo’ – Sinasina-Yongomugl after Elimination 2. Absolute majority required to win is 21,158. Top 5: Kerenga Kua 5923; Mili Kiage 4571; Jeffrey Nape 3390; John Mua 2953; Samuel Kama 2774. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • Hey thanks Tavuvur.. it seems to be taking ages for Sinana Yongomugl.. thanks man..

  143. Thanks alot Tavurvur for the latest updates…you are doing a marvelous job and I have to agree with EH Arua comment…God Bless You..


    • ‘Iso Anis’ – I’m glad you’re a “proud Jiwakan”. That’s good. But that should not detract from the issue of ensuring that Jiwaka allows its people the right to vote accordingly – and for allowing the electoral process to follow unhindered and uninterrupted. Maxtone-Graham may or may not be the successful inaugural governor of Jiwaka. Let the people decide. We’ll find out soon. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  145. For Mul Baiyer Lumusa Seat history No Engan Spoken language won the race if 2012 elction Koi Trappe won the seat then he is the Hero for all Engan Spoken language of Baiyer and Lumusa.

    Keps Stylon.

  146. Congratulation to Kila Haoda’s win for the CP seat. I feel for the Goilalas. At least in lifetime they had one dream come true, a Goilala was Governor for 10 years. I just hope they dont get forgotten….. again!.

  147. Hi Tavurvur, kindly update me on the results for Madang Regional, Western Highlands regional and also for Lagaip Porgera open.

    many thanks, moses

  148. can someone update on Porgera-Lagaip counting.
    Is Nikson already declared or???

    • ‘Moses’ and ‘Mark Soa’ – Madang Regional: Jim Kas 38,814; Arnorld Amet 306,67; Kasek Kumung 19,339. WHP Regional and Porgera-Lagaip have yet to be updated. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  149. If this is the same Joe Sungi who was an Agriculturalist in Vanimo that I used to know, may I take this opportunity in your excellent page to congratulate him for his success in being the newly elected MP for Nuku Open. at last mate, I know you can make it happen for your people and for the people of this beautiful and blessed country of ours. God be your guidance.

  150. Congratulation to new Governor elect for Morobe Kelly Naru. Your win is relief to majority of Morobeans. We salute you and urge you to work closely with all the local MPs and bring tangible deveopments into remote areas like Kabwum, Menyamya, Garaina, Watuat, Finschafen and Siassi. We don’t want governor who forgets about his backyard and spend peoples’ money unnecessarily on national issues like what had happened over the years.

  151. From PNG Unitech who were behind Kelly Naru, We believe its time for change and our support has become meaningful. Now we trust things will physically change and benefit majority who had been suffered in rural areas as well as major towns of Morobe province. Congragulations to the new Governor of Morobe province, Hon. Kelly Naru.

  152. Thank you Tavurvur from the excellent job you are doing in updating us on the 2012 general election. Very much appreciated. Please kindly update me on the result of sinasina yongomugl. Thank you.

  153. Plis give the latest update for lufa open…EHP

    • ‘Daniel Ninatole’ – Lufa result should be declared soon. Three left: Jeffrey Kuave leads 8671; Eddie Jondi 5856; Moriape Wereda 5329. Absolute majority to win is 9929. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  154. You the best Tavurvur….if I had to nominate for the Logohu award under community service…you sure would have my vote 1000 times…thanks

  155. update latest on manang reginal please..

    • ‘Elizah Mamu’ – Madang Regional ater Elimination 19: Jim Kas 42,628; Arnold Amet 32,907; Ricky Kum 21,447; Mary Kamang 20,243; Manu Yama 18,168. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  156. thank you very very much for the update.

  157. It seems Gulf regional results are out dated even on pngec site. What is the latest? Please kindly help me out. Thanks

  158. People,what about Paias Wingti? The declaration is yet to but,he is already with other MP.
    Could someone updates some of the related news you may know off.

  159. Hi Tavurvur, kindly update us (if you can) on the results for 3 Jiwaka seats plus remaining of Chimbu seats.

    Many thanks, Moses

  160. Hi Tavurvur
    Any news on Western Highlands Governor seat? All the 3 electorates are declared.
    Update on Madang Governor if you can.
    Thank you very much for doing excellent work in updating election results. You are always very very early then EC web site.

    • ‘Setho Appa’ & ‘Elizah Mamu’ – WHP Provincial is yet to be declared. Numbers are out of date, so don’t have the latest. In regards to Madang Provincial, after Elimination 21 – Jim Kas leads on 44,250; Arnold Amet 35,518; Ricky Kasek 23,363; Mary Kaman 23,079. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  161. Any latest on the number of members elected and political parties in Nama’s camp in Kokopo?

  162. Hi there,

    Is Wera Mori the new member for Chuave?

  163. Can anyone update me with the latest figure for the Enga Regional Seat

    • ‘Charles K’ – Counting of primary votes has ended. Heading into elimination soon. Peter Ipatas leads on 101,038; Sandy Talita 62,454; Kenneth Alo 46,213. Absolute majority required to win is 326,470. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • Tavurvur, thanks very much for the updates for the Enga Regional Seat.

  164. Hi,and congratulations to all the newly elected members..Thanks very much for the updates.
    May I know the update for Powes Parkop’s standings??

  165. Tavurvur, the Electoral Commission site lists Mendani, the winner in Kerema, as a PNG Country Party candidate in its general list but then makes him an Independent on their own EC list of Winners. Similarly, they’ve listed Wobiro as a PUA in their general list but called him an Independent on their list of winners!! Any idea what is going on there or is it just another couple of simple EC mistakes?

    • ‘Sean Dorney’ – Yes, the PNGEC have mucked this up. I pointed it out to them last week, but they don’t seem to really care. Richard Mendani is a PNG Country candidate, and Wobiro is a People’s United Assembly candidate. They are not Independents. Hence why every other news organization in PNG is wrong too regarding the numbers – because they’re reporting on what PNGEC is saying – which in this case is wrong. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  166. 14 PNG OLYMPIC TOURISTS??? My goodness this is the international events for the Olympians NOT Olympicials.Anyway these PNG officials sure knows how to compete,waste taxpayer money and sight seeing.All the best to our 8 athletics you are the pride of our country.

    Dr Jack Marcus.Purari,Gulf Province

  167. Kerenga Kua was endorsed by the National Alliance at IPA. He has been maintaining communication with NA all along. He is not an Independent candidate.

    • ‘Sebastian’ – Yes, that has been brought to my attention. However, the PNGEC has listed him as as Independent, so I’ll follow that for now. At least we know where the original mistake was made – if it is indeed a mistake. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • It is a mistake unless he has changed his alliance after the endorsement or after the declaration which I doubt very much.

      • ‘Sebastian’ – There’s actually been a number of instances now where family members or supporters of a candidate have corrected me in terms of the candidate’s party affiliation. It seems the PNGEC has made certain errors in some cases. Either that or the families/supporters are wrong. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  168. Since independence Sinasina Yongumugl electorate has been suffering for real development and service delivery to the people. Elected MP over the years were self serving. For the last 10 years under reign of Jeffrey Nape was one of the worst period in the history of the electorate. It’s relieving to know the electorate ousted Nape and voted new MP Kerenga Kua. I hope Hon. Kua does not repeat the self-serving MPs of the past but rather be different and bring some real tangible development to the electorate. His main priority should be upgrading the road links within the electorate. Good road system is one of the real need of the people of sinasina yongumugl.

  169. What next ? no summary and who will lead PNG as Prime Minister.

  170. I would like to take this time to congratulates the People of Goroka for giving the mandate to Hon. Bire Kimisopa to be your MP for Goroka Open for the next five years..,He is an outspoken and vibrant leader in decision making…I believe Hon. bire Kimisopa would play a significant role in certain ministrial jobs..

  171. Congatulations to Benny Allan for retaining his seat, a reflection of his attempts to implement programs in a District that is adminstratively challenging. His unwavering support to the women of Unggai-Bena is not publicised enough but well done!


  172. congratulations to MOgerema Wei in winning in the Salt Nomane Karimui seat

  173. As the elections is coming to a close and the formation of the new Governement is becoming clearer. May I take this opportunity on behalf of those of us PNGians overseas to extend a very ,very big thank you to Tuvurvur for your timely and accurate updates on the results and progress of the Elections. Simply the BEST!!, Second to NONE!!.

    • ‘Dr Jonathan Leslie’ – Thank you. I appreciate it – but you know, my blog wouldn’t be real blog if it had no readers, so thank you to all of you who have spared a few seconds here and there check up on the latest news and election results on my blog. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  174. Wanbel stret wantaim comments from Dr Leslie, it was the ONLY up to date and reliable source of information for us and felt very connected to what was happening at home. Papa God will bless you to continue the good work.

  175. Tavurvur, you best ya. Have been updated on the elections accurately and very timely from the beginning (even for us living in-country). Thanks

  176. The 3 Port Moresby Open seats show a total of 60449. The NCD is currently showing 91296, thats a difference of 30847 counts. Surely there are more then 91000 people living in the Nations capital. I estimate 91000 people living in settlements alone.

    • ‘Boga Hesiku’ – These statistics have been noted by some. It appears that NCD voters don’t really like to vote; or some vote for Open seats, but not the Provincial seat. There are multiple reasons for this – both legitimate and illegitimate. More work needs to be conducted to find out the drivers of elector attitudes in PNG’s 22 provinces, and strategies though up to address them. We all want better elections. Let’s do it. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  177. E.H Arua – i can’t wait to see what unfolds as the election is now winding down. who is going to form the next government. how are allegiances going to be formed and what tactics and strategies will our leaders. again, their true colors will be tested. this are in times like this that true leaders will rise up.

  178. Thanks Tavuvur for you timely updates with the election and keeping us all abroad informed. Now all eyes and ears will be open tomorrow as PNG leaders elect the new PM on behalf of all PNGeans…will there be timely updates in your blog tomorrow?

  179. Confirm plis if Julie Soso has been declared Governor for EHP

  180. Hi Tavurvur, I wanted to ask how EHP regional counting is going then glanced at your twitter feed and saw that Julie Soso is leading :). Waiting in anticipation for updates. Tenk yu stret!

    • ‘Daniel Ninatole’ and ‘Finah’ – Julie Soso has not been declared. She is currently leading the pack – it’s a very slender lead, but she’s in front. The winner will be declared tomorrow. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  181. Very interesting observation, Dr Alan Marat and Belden Namah are going to the courts to get an injunction to prevent the Parliament from sitting. When they were in the Government I thought they say the Parliament was supreme. What an irony. The CONSTITUTION IS ALWAYS SUPREME!!

  182. It be sheer test of governance in the first eighteen months.There is more doctorates in the engine to muster and equality be in the balance for gender.A masonry debase its footing and profile.

  183. It’s history. What a moment! We now have 3 females in government. I salute the 3. That’s what a true leader is. Once again, it is a victory for the womenfolk of this nation and the country as whole. In the midst of competition, intimidation and challenge, they have triumphed in this male dominated arena of elections. Let us all support them and push them to do greater in this time and season. May Almighty God give them the wisdom to lead our people.

  184. Hi Bro,

    The people of the newly ceated Jiwaka Province would appreciate if Prime Minister Peter O’neil appoints atleast one of our four elected MPs to take up a ministerial portfolio!

  185. Last Thursday in one of the daily news papers, former North Whagi MP Benjamin Mul mentioned he would challenged elected MP Dr Pok’s win in the courts. I just want to make it clear to Mr Mul that we the people need services, you have failed to stand as our leader and bring services during your term. You followed big boys like Mr. M. Somare and Mr. S. Abal just to give them numbers so that they cling on to power and you can feed from their scraps.Jiwaka needs powerful leaders like Dr. Pok who can source funds for services from a variety of sources. During his term from 1997-2002 he has done alot both in the district level as well as national level. He is the founder of the Ministry of Public Enterprise and was the first minister on that portfolio. Under Dr. Pok leadership he built the district office in banz, village court houses across the district, establishment of armry barracks in Keroville, health centre in Dumbola, rural electrification, water supply etc. Mr. Mul can you tell us or list down your achievements if you have any? Or you are only good at giving cash handouts ah? Remember you might be charged for bribery.

  186. Don Polye and T.H.E party have done well in supporting two successful women candidates. Congratulations Julie Soso, people of EHP and T.H.E party.

  187. What i think is that,Papua New Guineans should elect leaders who are experienced in the political side

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