PNG Politics Social Media Directory


46 political parties have registered to contest the 2012 PNG General Elections. To view a complete list of these parties, click here.

Only those parties which have a website and/or utilize social media are listed below in alphabetical order. The functionality of these websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels vary from party to party:

  1. Christian Democratic Party – CDP:
  2. Customary Land Rights’ Party (Mama Papa Graun Pati):
  3. Papua and Niugini Union Pati – PANGU:
  4. Papua New Guinea Constitutional Democratic Party – PNGCDP:
  5. Papua New Guinea National Party – NP:
  6. Papua New Guinea Party – PNGP:
  7. People’s Heritage Party – PHP:
  8. People’s Movement for Change Party:
  9. People’s National Congress Party – PNCP:
  10. People’s Party – PP:
  11. Social Democratic Party – SDP:
  12. Triumph Heritage Empowerment party – THE:
  13. United Resources Party – URP:


3435 candidates have registered to contest the 111 parliamentary seats in the 2012 PNG General Elections. The regional breakdown of all candidates are as follows: Highlands – 1388; Southern – 896; Mamose – 824; and New Guinea Islands – 328 candidates.

Only those candidates who have a website and/or utilize social media are listed below in alphabetical order as per PNG’s four regions (an * indicates sitting MPs):

Highlands Region:

  1. Don Polye* (Kandep Open – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party):
  2. Jamie Maxtone-Graham* (Jiwaka Regional – PNG Party):
  3. John Nonggor (WHP Regional – Independent):
  4. Jon Yogiyo (EHP Regional – Independent):
  5. Lucas Dekana* (Gumine Open – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party):
  6. Peter Ipatas* (Enga Regional – People’s Party):
  7. Simon Sia (EHP Regional – PNG Party):
  8. Tiri Kuimbakul (WHP Regional – Independent)

Southern Region:

  1. Charles Abel* (Alotau Open – PNG Party):
  2. David Dotaona (Port Moresby North-West Open – Independent):
  3. Gary Juffa (Oro Regional – People’s Movement for Change Party):
  4. Joseph Ealedona (Samarai/Murua Open – Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party):
  5. Micheal Malabag (Port Moresby North-West Open – People’s National Congress)
  6. Powes Parkop* (NCD Regional – Social Democratic Party):
  7. Rawali Bokuik (Port Moresby North-West Open – People’s Movement for Change Party):
  8. Robert Agorabe (NCD Regional – Independent):
  9. Sheldon Deilala (Esa’ala Open – Independent):
  10. Simon Merton (Port Moresby South Open – People’s Movement for Change Party):

Momase Region:

  1. Dorothy Tekwie (Vanimo-Green Open – PNG Greens Party):
  2. Sam Basil* (Bulolo Open – PNG Party):
  3. Theo Zurenuoc* (Finschafen Open – People’s Progress Party)

New Guinea Islands Region:

  1. Jimmy Miringtoro* (Central Bougainville Open – People’s Democratic Movement):
  2. Michael Cholai (Manus Open – United Resources Party)
  3. Ronny Knight (Manus Open – New Generation Party)
  4. Sam Tasion (Manus Open – PANGU Pati)

9 Responses to “PNG Politics Social Media Directory”

  1. Tiri Kuimbakul. Western Highlands Regional. Indapendent Candidate. On Facebook

  2. The Garamut,

    Thank you for this very useful info. I will repost on Face Book for general usage info to others who may need to use this info.



    • Thank you Reginald – please distribute as far and as wide as you please. The more of our people who follow these links and see for themselves the policy platforms parties are campaigning on and the election campaigns of candidates themselves, the better.

      Cheers – Tavurvur.

  3. Thank you Tavuvur, I just had a look at Simon Sia’s website. I am not on facebook or twitter myself but will definitely share your blog post with my friends and family. Tenk yu stret lo gutpla toksave blo yu.


  4. Thumbs up Garamut… Keep up the excellent great work..

  5. Admin, Just a Correction. Peter Ipatas official Face book account is titled ‘Hon Peter Ipatas’ . The one you have listed is a bogus account.


    Hon Peter Ipatas FB admin.

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