Dreadlocks and Afros in Papua New Guinea

I came across an interesting visual extract from the National Geographic series Taboo: Extreme Rituals showing afros and dreadlocks among people outside of the popular Rastafarian Community. Included here is a small piece on tattooing in PNG:

~ by Tavurvur on April 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dreadlocks and Afros in Papua New Guinea”

  1. T,

    Shame I’m only on shitty dialup here in Goroka. When I was recently in Sydney I took the opportunity to catchup on some You Tube stuff including some videos you have posted over the past. My favourite was the one you had on Stanley Nandex kicking butt!


    Cheers bro,


  2. Back in Goroka already?! Wow – that was quick. Gotta start clicking on your blog more often now to see what is happening in Kevin Rudd Junior land…

    And yes, Nandex was deadly – I still watch that video from time to time.


  3. T,

    And don’t forget to leave to odd comment!

    I’m curious about your comment on “Kevin Rudd Junior land” – I’m assuming that you are making reference to Mr Rudd spending time Goroka as a kid.

    I have never come across any formal mention to this fact other than the locals (here in GKA) swearing that he was here as young man and his father managed a coffee plantation somewhere out Asaro way.

    If you know of any such formal reference please share.


    NB: You got the best PNG culture/political content of any blog around mate!!

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