Pacific Marine Industrial Zone: Exploiting Tuna in PNG

Madang Children Protesting - The National

More than 700 people have staged a protest march in at Madang provincial government headquarters to petition the administration to stop work on the controversial Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ).

The PMIZ, at Vidar along the North Coast Road, is projected to be one of the biggest tuna developments in the Asia-Pacific region and will employ more than 30,000 people. It will have 10 tuna factories and processing facilities comparable to the existing Filipino-owned RD Tuna Canners, where fish will be processed and exported.

However, the protesters are against the development because of concerns over the environmental and social impacts the project will have on the local community. They say environmental impact assessment reports presented to them indicate that pollution would be a high concern and their livelihood is likely to be affected because their survival depends on the sea.

Another example of Big Men trodding over small men?

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~ by Tavurvur on October 23, 2009.

One Response to “Pacific Marine Industrial Zone: Exploiting Tuna in PNG”

  1. For those that are for the project and those that are against it, “Hi!,Thanks for your input”. We need your brains anyway, to make necessary changes for the better, but lets all give the project a thumb and give our full handshakes to 30,000 school leavers, jobless, etc; at least our handshakes will help reduces our law and order problem in Madang, by a mile.

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