Cocowood Furniture

For those of you who read my previous post about the coconut tree being used as timber and the possibility of PNG becoming a market leader in cocowood production, here are some examples of cocowood furniture:

Cocowood Dining Table

Cocowood Lounge Tables

Cocowood Drawers

Cocowood Dresser

~ by Tavurvur on January 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Cocowood Furniture”

  1. There’s always been talk of this in PNG, but no one it seems has bothered to take a serious business interest in cocowood.

    Judging by the pictures you’ve taken looks like the work of Fijian company, Pacific Green. Here’s a little write up on them and their experiences with developing cocowood products:

  2. Emmanuel check out the work of Dylup Timber Products based on the North Coast Road 70 km’s out of Madang. They have been producing furniture out of coconut, flooring and parquetry. The problem is that the 3 big banks in PNG believe it to be a “greenfields” operation and are too visionless to put any money behind it, and the government is not promoting it. The Australians however, have spent $520,000 for the last couple of years so that they can buy our logs cheap and downstream process them.

  3. The furniture is all very interesting. I never would have thought that furniture made from cocowood.
    But I’ve often liked to eat coconut. ^^
    It will try to buy some for my home.
    Thank you for your photographs.

  4. there is state in india called “kerala” where we make use of coconut trees for all our furniture use for several years,but not in vast volume

  5. All the furniture is fantastic. But the your cocowood table is awesome!

  6. This cocowood collection is really nice.

  7. Sick impressive.. that looked alot better than alot of other wood materials I’ve seen.

  8. thanks 4 info………
    Indonesia Furniture Handicraft Wholesale Marketplace

  9. Thanks for your Web.
    wen the market is growing to make cocowood flooring,furniture,etc.
    so much cocofarmer in the world sale his cocowood very fast and the enviro / ecosystem in this areas a defect.

    i am from the philippines and stay now 10 years in the province and see wath is happen wen sam part from the coconut is a good sales stock. fast money for the poore people.

    we are looking for investors to produce Cocofaser Products from the coconut The “Tree of Life”
    the farmer dowing nothing with the cocofaser/husk this is money

    Sorry for my not so good englisch. i speak every german or Tagalog with my wife May, not so much englisch.

    ok we are looking for sam body he like to invest in producing cocofaser to or for Future Perspective like Carindustry its now 9-10 parts made of cocofaser,hanf,sisal or sam nature products.


    exsample, one Cocofarm produce every week estimate 6-8000kg of cocomeat for oil. the husk/faser is not used for sam. also the shell is not used. estimate 25-35000pcs cocohusk is looking around.

    Area of estimate 100 kilometer around my province is using the cocofaser maybe only 1%

    ok wen you have sam Company os sam People he like to invest in this product it is on the ground for pickup.

    Invest can be smal start maybe from hand. estimate costing $40-50.000usDollar incl. land estimate 1000sqm, smal stockroom, maschine equipment,etc.

    you like to kontact me under my email adress

    Best regards and more power to you God bless you

  10. …actually, the website address is

  11. Amazing furniture. Some of them reminded me of Thailand, while others was more classic.

    I think I start to move away from IKEA.

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