PNG’s Sunday Chronicle Goes Online

The Sunday Chronicle is Now Available Online

I don’t know if anyone has realised, but Sunday Chronicle, PNG’s only locally owned newspaper which is published weekly, has finally gone online! Judging from their website, it looks as if it is still under construction and there is substantial amount of advertising space that has yet to be filled, but all in all, the website gets two thumbs up from me for providing easy reading in a simple layout which doesn’t distract you.

Sunday Chronicle was originally launched as a newspaper in 2006 at the Holliday Inn in Port Moresby and is published by PNG Magazines (who also publish Sportscope PNG). It’s actually quite impressive feat that Sunday Chronicle have managed to launch their website after only three years of circulation – that says a lot about the people behind the newspaper.

I thought I might include an excerpt from Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare’s speech at the Second Anniversary Dinner of Sunday Chronicle in 2008:

Sunday Chronicle's Editorial Comic “It is an honor to be here tonight to join publisher, Wesley Raminai, and his hard-working team in celebrating the second anniversary of Sunday Chronicle – a wholly-owned Papua New Guinean newspaper.

It is indeed a happy occasion and deserves a special message – not only of congratulations from my Government but also – about the media’s role generally as the fourth estate.

Sunday Chronicle is showing the way forward for other Papua New Guineans to follow. It is a weekly newspaper that has gone from strength to strength in just two years. It has become a newspaper with a growing readership and advertisers.

As one of the newspaper’s readers, I have noted the high quality presentation of news, views and in-depth feature articles and commentaries on topical issues. It certainly provides an alternative to reading about the events of the week gone by and CERTAINLY is an excellent way to start a new week.

I get the strong impression that Sunday Chronicle takes a positive angle to national issues; that it strives to be community-friendly; pro-national development and pro-national unity.

These are excellent values for a newspaper that is still in its infancy. Overall, the Sunday Chronicle is a paper well worth reading“.

Tubuans & Dukduks would like to congratulate Sunday Chronicle on this latest milestone in their short history and wishes them all the best for the future – and I look forward to logging in to read what you have to say.


To see the whole of Sir Michael’s speech, click here

~ by Tavurvur on February 24, 2009.

9 Responses to “PNG’s Sunday Chronicle Goes Online”

  1. The site is currently in construction. Sunday has delayed payments for web consultation fees, and so the slight delay of uploading and updating of the site.

    The site is now updated to the issue of February 22, 2009.

    Please check the site for more News.

  2. Hi Bamo,

    Thanks for the update!

    I will be waiting in earnest for The Sunday Chronicle’s debut into Cyberspace.



  3. I think its time for somare to step down as Grand Cheif Prime Minister because just stop for a moment and think about what has happened for this past 30 years. and a JET PLANE. plis olgeta tax ol man sa payim ya go lo balus na ol development blo country.. nogat ting o wanem. Please do a research on views or points about this and write about it..

  4. looks like Sunday Chronicle got lost in cyberspace…their design and layout is good but content is several months behind

  5. “Thumbs Up for Sunday Chronicles”
    I read Post and PNG National everyday online, but reading Sunday’s Chronicles will be a BONUS…I hope this site will completed soon..
    Best for 2010


  6. Sunday Chronicle, trully a local weekly newspaper, has in the past three years struggled to come up with what it is today. It is too short a time for us to judge what it’s futurre would be, yet its current output is a story to tell. We’ve been given the option to read serious commentaries and summaries over Sunday’s, as we lie back in preparation for Monday, not from experts only from experts, but those who have a view or two to spare, which makes the paper interesting. If anything, I recommend a media award for Sunday Chronicle for 2010. they trully deserve it.

  7. Its a news to see Sunday Chronicles going extra mail in media presentation in PNG. Am proud because you are the original of homegrown PNG made product. Am tired of reading negatives about PNG in Oversea. Just give a good fly for PNG.

    Jobo Kogapo (PhD student)
    China, 2011.

  8. It seems a fully pledged registered company developing the site but it does not show the appeal expected of professionals doing the job. The site is a mess and looking really ugly. Besides that, how long will it take you to build the site. And how regular are they updating? Weekly upload shouldn’t be a problem.

    Sunday Chronicle Reader

  9. This approach is display of professional media build-up for PNG.Other papers are abit late to post their news. I hope Sunday Chronicle will put a quick and more researched posts.

    Key Baga

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