New SP Export Lager Packaging: A Strategic Choice

It was interesting to read in today’s The National a small article concerning the repackaging of the canned South Pacific Export Lager.

The article itself is only one paragraph long but it speaks volumes concerning South Pacific Brewery’s intention of expanding its market share in the region – and in the world. SP Brewery Marketing Manager Tzao Shen Tan announced that the fresh look was aimed “to reinforce the brand’s premium status and its internationally recognised standing”.

Within PNG, South Pacific Brewery enjoys the brand equity and brand insistence that is the ultimate dream for any target marketer. An example of this marketer’s utopia? On 2007 new year’s eve I walked with my cousins one and half hours through mosquito-plagued, pitched-black plantations of coconuts and cocoa at 1AM in the morning, so I could buy one carton of SP Lager for them to enjoy. And it cost me K126!

We then proceeded to carry that same carton another one and half hours to the “disco” – that is the definition of brand loyalty. And SP Lager most definitely have it within PNG. So why the new packaging?

As most of you will know, SP Brewery recently launched its range of products in Queensland, Australia. A new package can make an important difference in a new marketing strategy by meeting customer’s needs more effectively.

A better can may create customer satisfaction and may even open up a new market – which is definitely what SP Brewery is hoping for here.

It can also provide a company with more promotional effect than is achievable with an affordable advertising program, and an attractive package may even increase turn over sufficiently – particularly within a new market.

So the next time you have an SP Export Lager – thank SP’s marketing department for pushing the pride of Papua New Guinea into new markets and showing the world what they’re missing out on – another day in Paradise.

~ by Tavurvur on November 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “New SP Export Lager Packaging: A Strategic Choice”

  1. haha! Tavurvur, yes, reminds of those days (or rather dark nights) scouring the village tucker shops and ples dealers who actually don’t have a store but sells SP in their houses for K100+ a carton of SP and then carry the carton miles back to enjoy the beer.

  2. I don’t know why we never went into the Australian market before? But I see no reason why our beer can’t become a force to be reckon’d with.

    All Hail the King of PNG Beer!!

  3. […] Many SP Beer Labels Do You Remember? I recently wrote about how South Pacific Breweries recently changed the packaging on their SP Export Lager […]

  4. Solo,

    Mipela brukim tulait long go na painim wanpla katen SP long traipela bus. Ol i opim dua blo haus na rausim wanpla katen i kam…haha. Ples lain – ol i lain pinis long lukautim SP blo ol…

    K126 for walking with my brothers under the full moon, laughing and telling jokes and stumbling over roots simultaneously?


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