The Auckland Queen Street Sing-Sing

George Telek - Touring the WorldAfter ARIA award-winning composer and producer David Bridie commented on a post of mine last year in November, I published a post about a handful of PNG musicians including George Telek and Airi Ingram who were about to play at the Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) in Melbourne from November 20th – 23rd, 2008.

In December, these same artists together with World Vision, started HIV music workshops in Madang Province aimed at communicating to grassroots young men and women information about HIV.

Well, it seems that David Bridie, George Telek, Airi Ingram and their Sing Sing compatriots do not end their adventure there. On March 7th, they will be the stars of the main concert at the 2009 Auckland Festival.

After New Zealand, the Sing Sing group will tour the USA in May thanks to the support of the World Music Institute. They will have five major concerts to be performed at Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, and Burlington.


GEORGE TELEK: (Rabaul, PNG) For twenty-five years, Telek (MBE) has been at the forefront of the PNG music scene internationally and at home. Telek’s songs, and his hauntingly beautiful voice, traverse many musical styles, from traditional to stringband to rock, capturing the proud cultural heritage of the Tolais people of PNG. Telek paints a different picture of PNG, a positive story of grassroots life to counteract the negative press usually generated.

AIRI INGRAM: (Gabagaba, PNG) Renowned for his work in DRUM DRUM, Airi is a drummer and percussionist with a sublime groove, equally adept at playing traditional Manus Island garamuts (slit log), Pacific World Beat or Dub reggae and hip hop drum kit style. Epitomising the Sing Sing theme of Australian and Melanesian musicians sharing their craft and songs, Airi has recently become director of the newly established Wantok Musik Foundation.

~ by Tavurvur on January 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Auckland Queen Street Sing-Sing”

  1. What about Australia? Ol bai kam tu long hia o?

  2. hey wantoks.Wenat Wantok are very interested in hearing demoe recordings of youngpoela artists long PNG who work in a similar vein to Tony Subam (Sanguma) and George mixing traditional recordings and sing sings with western appraoches to music recording/making string cultural music of PNG that can communicate to audiences outside of PNG.We need to hear teh next geberation of artists coming through who are proud and stong.there will be recordings with Wantok and new Sing Sing collaborations and turs and Airi and I are interested in eharing both men and women who want to pt their hands p in the air…artists who are proud of their ples and their culture and their songs.please email .The time is right for Melanesian music to kamap strong.I imagine this website is the meeting place for like minds for developing PNG music to painim ples bilong em.tenkyu tru. boina tuna

  3. Thanks David,

    I’ll publish a post about this so my readers won’t miss your comment.


  4. Great stuff T and thanks again David for your work so far…

  5. […] of you who have been following Tubuans & Dukduks you will know that I’ve covered the Auckland Queen Street Sing-Sing before and that David Bridie, Sing-Sing’s Musical Director, has regularly commented on my […]

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