How Many SP Beer Labels Do You Remember?

I recently wrote about how South Pacific Breweries changed the packaging on their SP Export Lager can.

Which made me think – how many different labels has SP Breweries had over the years? The question led me to do a bit of research and here it is.

How many of these SP labels do you remember?

~ by Tavurvur on November 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “How Many SP Beer Labels Do You Remember?”

  1. not too old to see the      labels as who impress that you   have all the SPlabels.          Imas sovenir? ta

  2. Ralf,

    You’re back online! I’m going to head over now to check if you’ve updated your blog. It’s been a while…hehe

    And no, I haven’t seen all these labels either. The oldest one is the BLUE one – 1960s.

    SP Brewery should have a collection of ALL labels.

  3. Holy Cow…this is a top collection. Good Work T!

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