Pacific Black Box

Pacific Black Box

The idea of setting up an NGO focused on a particular aspect of Papua New Guinea that is close to my heart has been rolling around in my head for a while now. Two nights ago I finally put pen to paper and came up with a rough outline. Last night I typed up a draft 10-page proposal regarding the NGO (it does have a name which I’m not saying – yet) and now it’s a matter of refining that idea and eventually share it idea with like-minded people around the world.

As I was researching PNG NGOs, I came across Pacific Black Box – an NGO co-founded by Taloi Havini (of Bougainville descent). Pacific Black Box aims to positively contribute to community development projects designed, implemented and evaluated by communities in the Pacific region.

Pacific Black Box works in close cooperation with existing non government organisations to identify suitable and sustainable projects that enhance the wellbeing of communities, especially in the areas of youth, media, environment and human rights.

In April 2008 Pacific Black Box worked with two local NGOs in Bougainville to hold a 14-day forum on environmental advocacy with young people from areas directly affected by climate change – particularly with young people from the Carteret Islands. 2009 sees Pacific Black Box aiming to continue to work with Bougainville youth from three Bougainville communities, the Carteret Islands, Tinputz (the relocation site for Carteret Islanders) and Hako, to build on their audio visual media skills in order to communicate their concerns regarding environmental issues.

As part of their work, the NGO produces videos made by the youth involved in their projects. One of those videos titled An Uncertain Future won the Community Prophets Award in the 2008 Human Rights Film Festival.

I’ve  included another of their videos below – it’s called Relocation.

~ by Tavurvur on April 14, 2009.

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