The OCCCT, OCCES and CPWT – Who is Who in the PNG Climate Change Game?


It was interesting to read in the Sunday-Chronicle that the Office of Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability (OCCES) is considering a long term partnership with a clean energy company for renewable energy projects. That clean energy company aptly calls itself Clean Power & Water Technologies (CPWT). However, I have a question – who exactly is Clean Power & Water Technologies?

For a firm that is lobbying the OCCES to become its long-term partner in providing clean water and power without damaging the environment (so they claim) to the people of PNG – there is little, if any, information about them. It’s not at all surprising to see that even if the OCCES is less than a year old, there is already a line of interested courters seranading the Office.

Oh, and I’m not too sure whether or not you know this, but the OCCES does have a website – you can find it here. It’s quite rudimentary and technically, it’s no longer called the Office of Climate Change and Carbon Trade (OCCCT) (read more here),  so yes – they do have a bit of updating to do.

~ by Tavurvur on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “The OCCCT, OCCES and CPWT – Who is Who in the PNG Climate Change Game?”

  1. T, what continues to bother me is that most of the employees, managers and DG of the OCCCT/OCCES, whatever it is at the moment, doesn’t have any qualification in environmental science or atleast some qualification associated with metereology, environment, climate change, rising sea levels, global warming etc.

    Dr. Theo Yausause (OCCES Director General) has a qualification in political science/public administration and I wonder how many papers he has written on climate climate, its effects, the causalities, carbon trading mechanisms etc.

    I guess when you are close to the govt, that’s the token of appreciation you get and sometimes you look stupid among a panel of international scientists when discussing climate change issues.

  2. Too right – even the two paged article in their website does not flow…it lacks depth .. there lots of gaps that need filling in, its vague and overall it looks like a cut-and-paste job; the kind of writing not worthy of an institution in the forefront of tropical carbon financing issues in the world …..

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