Reality TV Series Shoots Last Episode in PNG

survivorman1It’s not Survivor as most people know it – rather, you could say that it’s the Canadian version of the hit CBS TV show. Instead of having teams competing in tribes for US$ 1 Million, in this version, there is only one contestant who only has one aim: to spend a week living completely on his own with no supplies in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Meet Les Stroud – the Canadian co-producer, host, and sole contestant of hit Canadian TV Series Survivorman. The website states:

After risking life and limb throughout the first two seasons, Stroud turns it up a notch in some of the most perilous locations on the planet. Each episode of the series follows Stroud as he struggles to stay alive in the harshest of conditions. He has the advantage of his trusty multi-tool, but must lug around 23 kilograms of camera equipment at all times to document his adventure. With little water and sometimes no food to sustain himself, the most unappetizing creatures and plants become gourmet meals. Stroud must use his wits and improvise if he wants to get out alive“.

After two televised seasons of Survivorman, Stroud has announced that his six third-season episodes will be his last due to the fact that his 47-year old body can no longer keep up with his adventures. And where of all places will Stroud’s last survival-adventure episode be? – PNG.

The third season has already been shot and premiered on Discovery Channel last November. I’m not too sure where exactly Stroud’s PNG adventure took place, but from what I can gather it was among the Hewa people.

Survivorman’s last season was shot in the Arctic tundra; Temagami, Canada; the Australian Outback; the rugged Sierra Nevada; the Colorado mountains; and Papua New Guinea.


~ by Tavurvur on January 11, 2009.

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