Video: Guinea Gold 1930’s

A short video about the Hula people of Papua and gold from Bulolo from the perspective of the 1930’s.

Question: Where did all those Bulolo gold bars end up?

~ by Tavurvur on November 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Video: Guinea Gold 1930’s”

  1. Turagu..only God knows how much PNG has made the land down under to where it is today.

    From Bulolo to Panguna and the star mountains of OK Tedi, the figures is staggering compared to the tangible results we see in the livelihoods of our people.

    We have built Sydney Harbour Bridge and look forward to help Dubai with our gas.

  2. True true…at the time of the depression our gold paved the way to economic recovery. At one point in our history Bulolo was the busiest airport on the planet.

    We were culturally too young to know what was being taken from us. I hope that we can learn from that.

  3. The National will be running a mining, oil and gas review 2008 this week and I’ll be raising some of these points.


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