The Grass-root’s Candidate: Will “10 Kilo” be the next EHP Governor?

There’s a grass-root’s revolution happening in Eastern Highlands Province.

Burned by what appears to be a frustration with the educated and elite of the province, and the leadership these men have provided to the province over the years, the people of Eastern Highlands have rallied behind one of their very own – Moses Namagileso – famously and better known as simply, “10 Kilo”.

Moses Namagileso is proving to be a polarizing yet popular figure amongst Eastern Highlanders, with his detractors arguing that EHP needs somebody educated and articulate to represent the people, while he’s supporters highlight the fact that it’s time to try someone different and truly representative of the people  – and maybe “10 Kilo” is the answer.

Taking his nick-name from a 10 Kilogram bag of rice, an empty packet of which hangs around his neck in his election poster, “10 Kilo” is doing incredibly well in the race to be the next Governor of Eastern Highlands Province.

Currently, he sits third behind businessman Samuel Si-I and former governor Peti Lafanama – and just in front of Julie Soso, another woman who has a good chance of being elected to our 9th Parliament.

These top four candidates are only separated by 6,000 votes, a very small margin in a provincial seat the size of EHP and under LPV – a margin which can easily be reduced when second and third preference votes come into play.

My Twitter followers would know that I believe the Eastern Highlands Provincial seat to be the hardest seat to win in PNG Election 2012.

This is primarily due to the significant number of quality candidates who are standing for the seat – including those leading the race, sitting Member and two term Governor Malcolm “Kela” Smith, and fellow prominent candidates like Malaysian-Chinese Rugby League franchise owner Simon Sia, Kiap Sir Barry Holloway, former top banker Noreo Beangke, and businessmen Phillip Stagg and Jon Yogiyo.

Giving this long list of millionaire businessmen and educated Eastern Highlanders a run for their money is “10 Kilo” – the undisputed underdog. His performance so far has been inspiring.

Maybe the people of Eastern Highlands will heed Moses Namagileso’s advice and traim mangi lo peles (try a young man from the village) – endorsed by the “simple people”.

~ by Tavurvur on July 26, 2012.

10 Responses to “The Grass-root’s Candidate: Will “10 Kilo” be the next EHP Governor?”

  1. Moses Namagileso will surely win pants down, Unooficial confirmation from the counting officials is that he has been given the majority of the second and third preferences to, the reflection is a frustration by the people of Mal Smith era where expectation for development was highly elavated during his reign but delivered nothing tangible..this time they a frustrated to make histrory, a rags to riches fairy tale story for the 10kg as he is named..

    Come home buddy if its is to show that people are frustrated of empty promises, let it be shown…
    Apaso of Mehiwaga

  2. If 10 kilo wins, I would advise him to have good transparent and competent advisers as well as officers working under him or else EHP will be lost for the next 5 years

  3. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to become a Politician.You have to be people’s people and be their servant,only then you can call your self a true Leader of the people.Jesus christ our Lord and saviour is the best example of a true leader.we could always look up him for inspiration and guidence.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ….10 kilo,may god with you.

  4. I am glad if he wins coz Kiato Abisinito, former ambasador will be his advisor so they will change EHP

  5. 10 Kilo step back for EHP!

  6. This guy may not have the qualification of some sort, but I what I believe is people with a clear heart for the people can will always put thier people first, that the quality of a true leadership. If its God will for him to answer the prayers of the ordinary people of EHP, than let it be done. If not than there still be a change somewhere.

  7. This is a total embarassment to all Eastern Highlanders. Thank GOD Julie Soso won that seat.

    Proud Eastern Highlander

    • ‘Stafil’ – Hehe, I don’t think Moses would have been that bad. Politics always needs its characters – otherwise it’s just boring. Rgds, Tavurvur

  8. Congratulations to PNG’s first female Governor Soso. However the game may be far from over with a prominent candidate calling for a recount…Moses is a simple man who is a Leader in his own right. His strenght is that he represents the youth, unemployed, and drop outs who can identify with him. He is a charismatic leader, who is ‘clean’ and has not been effected by the ‘system’. He has a team of young and qualified advisors behind him and he does not need any failed candidate or big shot to ‘push him around’. If there is a recount there may be a few unpleasant surprises.

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