Shocking Photos of Children Voting in PNG Election 2012

~ by Tavurvur on July 24, 2012.

15 Responses to “Shocking Photos of Children Voting in PNG Election 2012”

  1. Speechless.

  2. Real desperate for power and innocent children are being abused to vote. I feel for those children in the photograph

  3. These are the same old things repeated over and over in the previous elections.This shows how we have not done much to address these problems.We need to address them once and for all. The last 36 years is along time to learn and act upon.

  4. Where they ever any either Police o Defence Security personnel to accertain this?…Incredible…

    • ‘Tato’ – Not sure of that, but yes – it begs the question of exactly how legitimate some election results will be? No doubt John Tekwie will take these photos to court as evidence if he loses the West Sepik Provincial seat – and rightly so too. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  5. Declare the elections in that electorate failed and do it again. Expensive yes, by the only way to have justice done to the people.

  6. Woo, how can this happen in the eyes of the election officers and citizens of PNG.
    Someone must be behind these.
    The world may laugh and may appears in the Guinness Book of Records.

    • ‘Jerry’ – Electoral fraud doesn’t just happen in PNG, it happens in a lot more countries. These photos are evidence that our electoral system/processes do have issues. And we need to accept that, and move on to fix them. They aren’t new. We’ve seen these happen before and we need to really improve our electoral processes. Rgds, Tavurvur.

      • I have to say Thank you for helping put our PNG stance in a world-wide perspective.

  7. i wonder what electorate and why this polling officials allow this to happen .. no police security i think

  8. I thought it was common practice. I have been in PNG 21 years and have seen children voting at every election whether national or LLG so this is not a shock to me. As I know the ages of all the children I comment about it each time but nobody stops it.

  9. Pure adult stupidity and teaching our future leaders the evil way to do stuff.Ol wok lo lainim ol pikinini lo pasin nogut,they are our future hope for a better tomorrow.Hope the police catch with those electoral officers who were there.

  10. Underage voting,,shows desparation on who did the bribery!!

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