‘Vibrant’ Belden Namah Victorious in Vanimo-Green

Polarizing incumbent Deputy Prime Minister and PNG Party Leader, Belden Namah, has retained his Vanimo-Green River Open seat.

After a slow start which had some suggesting he was in danger of not being returned to the Haus Tambaran, Namah managed to win the required absolute majority of 7175 votes early this morning at 3:30am. He beat Independent Willie Inaru who ended with 4588 votes.

Belden Namah is the 5th PNG Party candidate to win a seat, and is the 51st Member to be declared.

Dorothy Tekwie, leader of the PNG Greens Party and who many thought had a chance to push Namah to the end, fizzled out a disappointing 6th on 1648 votes.

Here’s video footage of Belden Namah’s supporters going wild in Vanimo-Green, and of Belden Namah himself celebrating his win:

~ by Tavurvur on July 21, 2012.

6 Responses to “‘Vibrant’ Belden Namah Victorious in Vanimo-Green”

  1. We need ACTION people like Hon. Belden Namah in parliment in this age.
    Let’s move away from the conservative / old type of system in PNG and look to the future.
    Hon. Belden Namah, Peter O’Niell and Don Polye are the leaders that can provide the government that suits PNG today and give us the opportunity to prepare for tomorrow.

    Congratulations Hon. Peter O’Niell, Belden Namah & Don Polye.

    • ‘Apisai Jubilee’ – Apart from Don Polye, or to a lesser degree, the challenge for O’Neill, Namah and Marat, is to move on without holding on to baggage from the past. The same thing applies to Somare. We spend too much time putting out fires in PNG – let’s concentrate on moving our country forward. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  2. Sad day for PNG 😦

  3. Tavuvur, I stand to be corrected here but I think I saw a couple of glimpses of a newly elected member from the NGI region in the video. Interesting times indeed.

    • ‘Finah’ Yes, Hon Joseph Lelang – Member for Kandrian-Gloucester is with Belden Namah in this footage. He unsuccessfully tried to hide his face from the camera – I think it caught all of them by surprise. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  4. It’s actually pretty good footage. Can’t help but see the night drive parts as a metaphor for the road to some sort of hell, honing in to a party of Babylonic proportions, right to its incendiary core with the member elect in the brace of a rutting man hug from his supporters.

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