PNG Woman Storms to Lead in Sohe Open

Since PNG’s first National Election in 1977, only four women have ever made it into the Haus Tambaran.

Interestingly, in the first elections in 1977 ten female candidates ran for office, and three – Hon Nahau Rooney, Hon Waliyato Clowes and Dame Josephine Abaijah – were elected.

As of 2012, there have never been as many women in our Parliament as during the 1977-1982 legislature.

With the retirement of PNG’s longest serving female MP, Dame Carol Kidu – she officially is no longer a Member of Parliament when the writs are returned – the chances for female representation in our parliament are slim.

But there are rays of hope, most notably the record number of women candidates who are standing in these elections – 134 in total; and also the expectation that several women will perform reasonably well.

However, performing reasonably well isn’t the same as winning a seat – and for women voices to be even taken seriously in PNG, female representation in parliament is a necessity.

Which is why Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party candidate Delilah Gore’s current lead in Northern Province’s Sohe Open is not only a welcome surprise (she’s the only woman in the lead of all 111 electorates), but is in itself an accomplishment worth taking note of.

After Count 23, the former Ijivitari District Treasurer was leading 54 candidates with 2814 votes. She is followed by Independents Henry Amuli on 1702 votes, Norman Sorari on 1473 votes, George Uware on 1436 votes  and and People’s Progress Party candidate and Papua New Guinea’s first Professor, John Waiko, on 1171 votes.

Incumbent and People’s National Congress-cum-Independent Anthony Nene is well behind on 1099 votes.

With Sohe Open most certainly to be decided on second and third preference votes, Gore is well placed to have a serious shot at becoming the next Member for Sohe Open.

Ironically, the reality that she is just one of a cohort of 55 which is predominantly male, may just play in her favor when elimination begins and if she maintains her lead, as numbers of votes are evenly split across the other 54.

Our 9th Parliament desperately needs female representation, and Delilah Gore may just be Northern Province’s first and Papua New Guinea’s fifth ever woman MP.

I do hope this is the case.

~ by Tavurvur on July 10, 2012.

11 Responses to “PNG Woman Storms to Lead in Sohe Open”

  1. Fingers crossed for her, Tekwie and others!

  2. Go Delilah Gore! We do need more women in parliment.. 🙂

    • ‘Pat’ – Couldn’t agree more. Delilah Gore has a serious chance. It is imperative that she maintains her lead through the primary vote count. If she ends in the top two candidates after primary votes have been counted, then I predict she’ll make it all the way to Parliament.

  3. Good Luck Delilah Gore! I hope you win the race and make a difference for Oro People and all the best 🙂

  4. Great news! I’m interested to see how Mary Kamang will fare in the Madang Regional Seat.

  5. What other information is there about Delilah Gore? I have never heard of her before? Is there a bio? Good luck to her, fingers crossed

  6. The electoral commission website progressive results is showing Delilah Gore still in the lead after the first elimination count. I’m not sure how accurate that is but I hope she gets through.

    • ‘Finah’ – Yes, that’s right. She is in the best position to win Sohe Open. PNG’s best chance for a female MP lies with Delilah Gore.

  7. Had to log onto the PNG Electoral Commission’s site specifically to see how D.Gore went, and was very happy to see her crossing the line – Congratulations Dellilah! You have done us PNG women proud

  8. Thumbs up to Delillah n Loujaya for their courageous victory. Congratulations to the people of Sohe n Lae for electing them.Women voice in Parliament is alive. CONGRATULATIONS …..

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