The Fight for Hela Begins – Anderson ‘Pawa’ Agiru in Front

Counting of votes has begun in all four electorates of Hela Province, one of two newly created provinces in the PNG Highlands.

In the Hela Regional seat, People’s United Assembly Party Leader and former governor of Southern Highlands Province, Anderson Agiru, is in the lead on 2957 votes.

He is followed by PNC’s Larry Andagali on 2078 votes; Independent Andy Kenamu on 1977 votes and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party’s (THE) Iki Mamu on 1729 votes.

In Komo-Magarima Open, Independents are leading the polls with Komo Haluya in front on 766 votes, Kerry Lero on 464 votes and Amos Tanda on 432. PNG Party candidate and sitting MP Francis Potape is lingering behind on 221 votes.

Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open sees THE Party’s Philip Nai take a significant lead with 3125 votes, followed by PNG Party candidate and sitting MP John Kekeno on 881 votes while PNC’s Petrus Nane sits on 841 votes.

In Tari Open, incumbent MP and PNC’s James Marape is in front on 737 votes, followed by Independent Johnny Philip on 453 votes and PNG Party’s George Tagobe on 378 votes.

There are two fringe seats in Hela Province up for grabs for contesting political parties, with Hela Regional providing an extra man to help their push to form government if successful, and Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open providing what will be the battle to watch in Hela with Don Polye’s THE hoping to put a dent in the Highlands’ race for seats against PNC and PNG Party.

~ by Tavurvur on July 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Fight for Hela Begins – Anderson ‘Pawa’ Agiru in Front”

  1. Please more postings needed for Hela updates. The country is anticipating for more news from Hela because of its popularity in terms of the LNG Project, the new province where the country will gets most of its revenue from.
    It was quite interesting to know, especially in the governor seat, which is hotly contested. Agiru has been closely followed by another unfamilar candidate of Andy Kenamu. Seems like the Hela people also favour this man as well as Agiru.

    The results after the elimination would be quite interesting.



    • ‘MDK’ – Hela has been somewhat under-reported on these elections. I’m not sure why, but apart from the starting of voting in the country – which was led by Hela – reporting on the province has dwindled.

      In regards to Andy Kenamu, I do know that he is a local landowner – from Gobe from memory. So he’s a key stakeholder in terms of the LNG project. One other interesting point about Kenamu, he is the co-founder of Puka Temu’s Our Development Party. I think the Post ran an article back in April about this – so it’s a bit surprising that Kenamu has opted to stand in this election as an Independent. Rgds, Tavurvur.

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