Peter O’Neill wins Ialibu-Pangia before Polling commences in 3 PNG Provinces

Incumbent Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill, has comprehensively retaken his seat with a landslide victory in PNG Election 2012.

The overwhelming support for Peter O’Neill in his home electorate has been amplified by the fact that he is the first Southern Highlander to ever win on primary votes, where under Limited Preferential Voting, can only be achieved if a candidate secures 50% + 1 of the absolute number of votes in an electorate.

O’Neill also becomes only the second Papua New Guinean after Don Polye (Kandep Open – 2007) to ever win a seat in a National Election on primary votes.

At the last count, Peter O’Neill had secured 15,585 votes – roughly 67% of all votes cast. With counting still underway, it is expected that O’Neill could win as much as 80% of all possible votes in Ialibu-Pangia.

This is a remarkable achievement in the PNG context.

As noted previously on The Garamut, the winning of the seat will play an important role in the dynamics of People’s National Congress by guaranteeing the party’s leader a seat in parliament, and the weight this carries when influencing successful Independents post-election.

Already, sitting MPs and contesting candidates from around the country have cried foul over the early counting of votes in Southern Highlands Province citing an unfair advantage in terms of influencing elector attitudes to voting – most notably People’s Labour Party leader Peter Yama and suspended Angoram MP Arthur Somare.

This is particularly pertinent, as polling has yet to commence in 3 of PNG’s 22 provinces: Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands and Chimbu.

Arthur Somare has even threatened to bring the issue to the courts if not addressed immediately:

“I call on the EC to stop that process immediately until all other provinces end their polling schedules and programs. It needs to be done now! If not, I will take it to the courts to stop the process.”

Although it is clear that Peter O’Neill has comprehensively won Ialibu-Pangia Open, it is unclear as to whether or not the PNG Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen will officially declare him winner until after polling ends in all of PNG’s provinces.

Despite the delay in the official announcement of Peter O’Neill as winner, the political capital gained from the overwhelming result and its propagation over the coconut-wireless, particularly through the Highlands region, will be a substantial boost to Peter O’Neill and People’s National Congress in returning to government.

~ by Tavurvur on July 2, 2012.

31 Responses to “Peter O’Neill wins Ialibu-Pangia before Polling commences in 3 PNG Provinces”

  1. I am with Authur….you are right brother. Every thing in this country should be done just and fair.

    Lets play by the books. Not our own methods. This country has laws and regulations to follow.

    Can the EC do something about this as it does not seem fair, right and just. All counting should wait for polling to end before they commences.

    • ‘Segayor Kelei’ – Despite what Arthur has said regarding the counting of votes in SHP as being instigated by PNC and PNG Party, I think the design and implementation of the schedule is the sole responsibility of the PNGEC. The counting of votes is obviously what they wanted, otherwise it would not have happened.

    • Pls dn’t make urself luk stupid 2 be in2 da shoes of such corupt leaders like authur and his fada..we had enough of u guys…if u r true trusted and respectfed leaders, y not u collect primary votes like o’neil, declare urself as winer and start battling with him? pls refrain and leave o’neil alone.da more u tlk, da more u will become exhausted…..whole PNGeans know dat o’neil is da chosen leader to bring PNG forward….

      • ‘Rose@UoG’ – Please use proper English. I detest SMS Tok Pisin/English. It is an abomination. I will let this comment pass, but all future comments in this type of format will not be approved.

  2. Thanks for the update, “The Garamut”

    Good work

  3. Happy,fair+ safe ellections 20012..all da best.

  4. Thanks for the avo to yu all out there. Take care.

  5. For those of us lay people who are not versed with the laws of EC pertaining to counting of votes, can the EC Legal Team enlighten us. Obviously the EC allowed the counting in the Provinces that completed the polling to begin but obviously the usual sensitive people are already throwing up so lets have it……Atamine Porakina.

    • ‘Jon Dorney’ – This is a valid point. The PNGEC did release a schedule of dates whereby polling commenced, polling finishes, counting begins etc. From my understanding, according to that schedule, counting wasn’t supposed to take place till next week. I’m unclear as to whether or not this would be “illegal”, but it surely is supported by the PNGEC.

  6. With Namah claiming he will graduate from ‘King-Maker’ to ‘King’ PNC will have an upper hand this week.

  7. I doubt this a free, fair and safe election? Lets get more public opinion on this election related issues!

  8. Well if Peter O’Neill fairly wins Ialibu Pangia election to retain his seat, then congratulations for being the first person past the post. And may he be declared as winner and MP for Ialibu- Pangia. Cheers

  9. The same corrupt and self centered politicians are arguing and complaining of Peter O’Niel’s win. His people have showed supportfrom Prime Ministership.No need to talk about this. People have already decided who to cast their votes. Peter O’Niel’s declaraton would not change people’s mindset.

    Can Author Somare shut his mouth. We Papua New Guineans had enough of you greedy and corrupt guys. You score like how O’Niel scored and battle with him on the floor of parliament. Otherwise Somare’s rule is of the past and we are in the new generation with new leaders with bright future.

    To Peter Yama, please do not involve yourself in the old political ware between Somare family and the young leaders. You come as a fresh leader. We had enough of clear corruption and such fresh person like you should come out to fight for people.

  10. Thanks for the updates,
    On behalf of the people of PNG, I want to thank the people of Ialibu/Pangia for being very selective and give Hon. Peter O’Neil another chance to complete what he has started.
    No need to take the matter to court. Regardless of when the counting should be commenced. After all, the people of Ialibu/Pangia has spoken.
    Enough of this court business, the country needs development and the people are surffering from basic infrastructural services.

    Stop surffering the people of PNG, we are sick of these Haus Parliament and Court Hause warfare.

    • ‘Thomas Kom’ – In regards to early counting, I don’t think the issue is to do with Ialibu-Pangia. Peter O’Neill has won his seat by an incredible margin. Not one other contesting MP could possible have beaten him.

      The real issue is to do with the perception of O’Neill’s win, and the magnitude of it, on elector’s attitudes who are in the middle of voting or are yet to begin voting.

      There is a valid argument here that early counting in addition to the nature of O’Neill’s win, may influence candidates, parties and elector attitudes. Just what to do with this issue is the challenge. Rgds, – Tavurvur.

  11. Scrutiny shall take place as soon as practicable after all requirements of polling is completed. On the other hand, it may be unfair if scrutiny were to commence in some areas while polling still going in other areas. Lets find out what the Electrol Commissioner has to say regarding this matter.

    • ‘Peter Malenki’ – I agree. I think Andrew Trawen needs to come out as soon as possible to explain the PNGEC’s stance on early counting. If nothing is said, the perception of early counting being unfair will only increase with time.

  12. Well even if they had to start counting on the scheduled dates, I don’t suppose it would change anything at all. Peter O’Neill would still get the votes from his people, so I don’t see any harm at all in this. Unless, it’s an issue worse as threatening people and buying votes, then this should really concern us.

  13. Thank you Tavurvur and Peter Malenki for the comments.
    But also please note that all the resources and effort involved in The National Election is to count and declare the next 2012 people’s man in every electrates across the nation.
    EC has done well.
    Papua New Guineans or any institution should not be move in the election process at Ialibu/Pangia if we want a true leader.
    Let the process continue and we stict to our candidates.

    • ‘Thomas Kom’ – Good point. If people really are committed to voting in good leaders, then the early counting of Ialibu-Pangia and its result, should have little effect on voter’s attitudes, candidates and parties. Otherwise, the question must be asked, why are they voting in the people they have decided to vote in?

  14. wonder how many were invalid votes??

  15. Thanks for all the good comments. I agree with comments that regardless of early counting Peter O’Neil has prove himself. Totally agree he his the leader people of his electorate wants to lead them.

    On the contrary, the real issue behind this discussion is the “Laws and Regulations” that leaders should abide by. If PNGEC has allowed that counting to proceed then the legality of this counting should be taken up to the courts to justify this issue so that if such occur in the future it would seem justified as according to PNGEC’s directives.

    • ‘Segayor Kelei’ – I looked into the legislation surrounding early counting, and it is legal. Section 151 of the Organic Law of National and Local-Level Elections states that the conduct of scrutiny shall commence as soon as voting in an electorate is completed.

  16. it seems to me unfair as a follower of PNC Party, it is obvious that Peter O’neil will unseated due to the policies of his party. why wait until the polling process is over in the country and i am not supporting Arthur but as the EC motto says; free fair and safe election. Up to you EC. mb9@uog

  17. Why are people complaining about the early counting in SHP especially Ialibu-Pangia electorate? If counting would have been delayed,think about logistics and security personals that will be required for the polling operation in each of the Highlands Provinces. On the other hand, PNGans see Onei’l as a tru and visionary leader that will bring PNG out of corruption. The people complaing are the very 120% corrupted and white collar criminals of PNG. Like Onei’l, they must prove themselves to be tru and visionary leaders by winning in the primary count.Otherwise its a very shameful thing to talk about the counting in SPH especially Ialibu-Pangia.. Please concentrate on your own electorates or provinces..

  18. The people of Ialibu Pangia have spoken through the result of O’neill and nobody will dispute that. The result will have minor impact on the outcome of current election simply because Papua New Guineans have a unique way of choosing their leaders.They vote who they know first. Perhaps the second or third votes will be influenced by O’neill’s results.

  19. peoples rights are expressed through democratic system as guaranteed in the “mama law’. congrats o,neil. terence soa utas,launceston, tasmania.

  20. next time electoral commission trawen have the elections results computerised so the results are given on the same day of voting. you have been incompetant and unfit for the job. resign and allow a competenant commissioner for the next elections. the country is now overdue for electronic voting.

  21. Its childish and shameful for a candidate like Mr Noah Andy in the Obura-Wonenara eletorate in EHP for commenting on the election in SHP. PNG is a democratic nation and everyone has the power to choose whom they want..whether a candidate is an independent or in a party. The people of Ialibu-Pangia have shown it by letting Onei’l to win. There is no need to say the electrol commisioner is biased. I think there is a law stating that counting must commence immediatly after polling..


    • ‘Kari Bune’ – Yes, I looked into the legislation surrounding early counting, and it is legal. Section 151 of the Organic Law of National and Local-Level Elections states that the conduct of scrutiny shall commence as soon as voting in an electorate is completed. Rgds, Tavurvur.

  22. I am really proud that Peter O’Neil is getting the Priminister seat.
    iam a full sopporter of Perter O’Neil i use to promote him because of his character and the mentality that he have.Anybody who is against him, iam really sory but you will never defit him thats the seat his going to hold till his last breath…Ori Pangians Wiru mari wiyaya…

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