Counting Begins in SHP – Peter O’Neill off to Big Start

Counting of primary votes has begun in Southern Highlands Province with all six electorates registering votes.

Current Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu-Pangia Peter O’Neill is off to a great start with 1,861 primary votes in the first count based on four ballot boxes.

O’Neill’s closest rival is the Independent Raphael Noipo with 392 votes, followed by fellow Independent Eke Lama with 33 votes. Sir Michael Somare and National Alliance’s candidate, Timothy Aipa, has only managed to secure 4 votes thus far.

With only 8 candidates contesting the seat – the lowest number and the only single digit number of candidates in all 111 electorates – it is expected that Peter O’Neill will comfortably win back Ialibu-Pangia.

The winning of the seat will play an important role in the dynamics of People’s National Congress by guaranteeing the party’s leader a seat in parliament, and the weight this carries when influencing successful Independents post-election.

Readers of The Garamut will know that I have not only picked Peter O’Neill as a guaranteed winner, but also a winner on first-preference votes. I expect Peter O’Neill to become the first Southern Highlander to achieve this result under LPV.

For Mendi Open, Independent Steven Mendepo, is leading on 1,303 votes after two counts, followed by fellow Independent Maso Hapon on 601 votes. The sitting MP and PNG Party man Isaac Joseph is trailing behind on 38 votes.

In Nipa-Kutubu Open, Gibson Temo, an Independent, is leading on 1,134 votes after three counts followed by Steven Andayo, an Independent, on 1,067 votes. Sitting member and PNG Party candidate Philemon Embel is trailing on 270 votes.

Only one box has been counted in Imbonggu Open with THE Party’s Steven Temo polling 561 votes, Independent Wale Molsie 466 votes, and sitting Member and PNC candidate Francis Awesa on 45 votes.

In Kagua-Erave Open, PNG Party’s Komeali Ropa is in the lead with 1021 votes, followed by Independents Albert Noria (608) and Daniel Tulapi (573).

The Southern Highlands Regional seat is showing a close contest with PNC’s William Powi (520) just in front of PNG Party’s Anthony Temo (508), followed by Independent Sylvester Komba (350).

~ by Tavurvur on June 30, 2012.

4 Responses to “Counting Begins in SHP – Peter O’Neill off to Big Start”

  1. Obviously, from the number of candidates that stool, they weighted their chances before contemplating a challenge on the seat. Overwhelmingly, Hon Peter O’nneil was the favourite. Some that stood against him either did not do their assignment prior to nominating or were pushed to contest so that their wealth could then be shared during this time only, while others were paid big in sponsorship to try. Only time will tell and it has begun. I am with your predictions and feelings may be mutual across the Highlands. Wait and see.

    • ‘Jon Dorney’ – A good observation. To be fair to the seven candidates contesting against Peter O’Neill though, they are exercising their democratic right to stand and contest.

      I think the fact that only seven candidates have opted to contest against O’Neill is testament to the ‘validity’ of these candidates. Why else would they stand?

      Even if parties did sponsor some of these candidates, it will be a next to impossible task to beat O’Neill in Ialibu-Pangia. Rgds – Tavurvur.

  2. Peter o’neill will win on first preference count.

  3. Very hard and impossible to beat Peter O’Neill. We the people advised intending candidates earlier not to contest but they did because party sponsored them….all 7 challengers were one way or the other sponsored by same party though they used independent just to cover..

    Only the counting will proove….lets wait and see if they will come near or so…


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