Papua New Guinea Common Roll 2007

The Masalai Blog is in the process of uploading what is believed to be the 2007 Papua New Guinea Common Roll.

Although it is irrelevant in terms of its utilization in the upcoming 2012 National Election, at least it does provide some sort of indication as to whether or not an individual was on the common roll in 2007.

As we await the PNG Electoral Commission to release the common roll online (I believe they are in the process of doing so), please browse the links included below in alphabetical order, which will be updated as they are made available:

  1. Bougainville
  2. Central Province
  3. Manus Province
  4. National Capital District (NCD)

~ by Tavurvur on June 16, 2012.

7 Responses to “Papua New Guinea Common Roll 2007”

  1. Tavurvur – do you know when the Eastern Highlands 2007 roll will be up?

  2. Thanks for updating this site on the rolls, but could you confirm if the highlands common roll is forthcoming?

    • ‘FBOKange’ – I do not work for the PNG Electoral Commission. Your best option is to contact the PNGEC personally and find out the answer to your question – Rgds, Tavurvur

  3. VERY FRUSTRATED…I reckon the recent census carried out by elcecoral commision was just a waste of time , effort and money…coz it seems that most of the names have not been updated..There’s a possibility that they might be using the 2007 one…coz I had a glance on the 2012 roll online, that time it was available, and my name is still under gerehu,my previous residence..I am now at rainbow,…so its really a mess..alot of people’s names are not on this years roll…can you please pass on our( me and all those who’s names are not on the 2012 roll) frustrations to the electoral commision and electoral commisoner….we are very disapointed ..they did not do a good job..and should take full responsibility for any problems that arise…

    • ‘Descosta Dindilla’ – you raise a number of good points. I would encourage you to actually lodge your complaints in person to the PNGEC. This country will only change if you and I decide to act.

      One final note, the PNG Census was not carried out by the PNGEC. The census really has nothing to do with the PNGEC, and it is a common but false assumption to think that if your name was counted as part of the census, it would therefor be on the common roll. They are two very different things.

  4. To date, I don’t view the updated common roll and I am desprate to see one for my Simbu Province. Please can anyone send me a link or the updated common roll.

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