NCD 2012 Electoral Rolls Online

People living in the National Capital District (NCD) can now check if they’re on the NCD Electoral Rolls online here.

From first look, there appears to be some discrepancies with the NCD Electoral Rolls with the absence of some names, and duplication of others.

If your name is not on NCD Electoral Rolls and you believe it is supposed to be, please contact Mr. Cyril Retaw, the NCD Election Manager, immediately on (+675) 321 2053.

Additionally, if your name is not on the common roll, please leave a comment here for documentation purposes.

~ by Tavurvur on June 14, 2012.

43 Responses to “NCD 2012 Electoral Rolls Online”

  1. I’m a Papua New Guinean who left at age 16 to continue studies here in Europe. With the upcoming elections, I contacted our embassy in Brussels to see how I could send in my vote. To date, I have had no reply, instead through investigation of the meager government sites, I found, to my dismay, despite having been born in Papua New Guinea, having half my entire family living in Papua New Guinea, planning to move back to Papua New Guinea, I have been stripped of my Papua New Guinean citizenship, simply because I have dual nationality and have lived overseas for 10yrs consecutively. Apparently at age 18 if you have dual nationality, (whether your other nationality allows you dual nationality or not) you are to chose PNG citizenship alone, or revoke it entirely; and if you don’t know about the fact that you have to make the choice, (and you’re over 18) too bad, your citizenship is gone.

    Why exactly? So that those PNGns whom get the opportunity to travel abroad for the sake of making a sturdy foundation of education and gathering experience, will have to be bought back (as foreigners)? So that they, now with valuable knowledge, are stripped of their (documented) PNG identity? To make it harder for them to participate in the country’s economy? So they feel discouraged to return and help develop our country in need? Why enforce brain drain?

    • ‘Frustrated ‘ex’ PNG’ – There are two key issues which you highlight:

      1) How do PNG citizens (passport holders) who are overseas vote? This issue has been raised in the past, and I have inquired into it, but there has yet to be an official response. As far as I know, and until proven otherwise, there is no framework which facilitates the voting of eligible PNG citizens overseas. This needs to be addressed.

      2) The issue of dual-citizenship. This is becoming more and more of an issue for PNG – particularly as we see greater mobility in our workforce and PNGeans leave overseas. All the points you raise in your comment are valid, and are indeed of concern. I remember asking Sir Michael Somare once why dual-citizenship was not accepted in PNG – his response was that the Founding Fathers, at the time of the writing of the Constitution, felt that if an individual was a PNGean, he/she must make a commitment to the country by living/working and contributing to the development of the nation-state as PNG-passport holder, and none other.

      The good news is that times are changing – and this particular type of government policy is one that is open to change, and I believe that with time, it will indeed change.

  2. i just noticed that my husband and i are not listed on the common roll even though our names were collected during the censes. please kindly update with our names, namely, Tina Joyce Pera – born 8th April 76 and Paul Andrews born 18th April 79 and Jason Pera Wape born 31 July 1989 residing Erima, 37 street.

    • ‘Tina Pera’ – Thank you for this. I will pass it on to the Electoral Commission, but I would also advise you to call the NCD Election Manager (details provided above) immediately.

  3. Name is not listed

  4. hi, my name doesn’t appear on the common roll. it appears that there is another one of me that lives in Cloudy bay area and was born in the year 1968. Whether female or male – who knows. I live in Korobosea this person lives in Cloudy bay area. I did not enrol this year, reason being that i voted last elections, and that I really should not re-enrol again – because the system would already have me registered from previous records.

    • ‘Ms Fae Maso’ – This is unfortunate. In order to vote in any election, your name must be on the electoral roll. If you did not enrol this year, then sadly, your name will not be on the electoral roll and you will not be able to vote.

      • Thanks. very unfortunate. The electoral commission will most probably have a flood of frustrated callers with people who may not find their names on the list. I feel sorry for the person who will attend to these callers – you need to be super mentally fit to deal with them.

        Something to also think about: How does one evaluate the “performance of a member of parliament”? Someone should come up with an idea : do a chart of all 109 members: what did they achieve in the years they served as member for their electorate. How did they score? People will then make up their minds next election whether he or she is worth electing again….

  5. ‘Tina Pera’ – I would suggest that you keep ringing that number until you receive a response. Alternatively, you can either head into the PNGEC office, or check with your District Office, LLG Office or Ward Councillor.

  6. Just Noticed my name is not on the Electrol roll, Please kindly update.
    My Name is Mr. Posangat Pakop, DOB is 21.03.1985, living at Gerehu Stage 3B for the last five years. Please kindly update as I wanted to make my vote count

    • ‘Posangat Pakop’ – I would advise you to call the NCD Election Manager, Mr. Cyril Retaw, on (+675) 321 2053 immediately and inform him of your omission.

  7. you know to my dismay, I very disappointed to not find my name on the electoral roll, that includes my wife and her brothers and sister who are married and are eligible voters,, for my own family I have, there are 10 of us in the family and have grown up children who are married and are eligible voters and just 10% of our family is on the common roll..This census exercise was a pack of rubbish and waste of money..Those who were negaged to do census work made a fool out of that census office..
    They probably gave the office ghost names so their wantoks can vote their members in..

    I lived in Waigani since 1994 and I have voted in 1997, 2002 and 2007.. how come my name is not there..if it is not online would it be on the actual print out of the common roll. I want myself to vote who I want.. I dont want hooligans to run this city, people may have worked around the clock to unseat the current governor and I wont be surprise…if that is the case, we heading for an uprising in this city soon to come..

    • ‘Bernard’ – This is concerning indeed. How many other Papua New Guineans would be in the same position as yourself? I would suggest that you immediately head into the PNGEC head office to register your complaint.

      From other complaints here, it seems that the PNGEC emails aren’t working, and nobody is answering their phones either. Your best option would be to personally attend to it – and quickly too.

  8. ‘Tina Pera’ – Then I would suggest that you head into the PNGEC office and register your complaint in person immediately.

  9. thanks for putting the common roll on line. I was so looking forward to the polling time, unfortunately the details on the roll is so wrong even though my details were updated at PNGEC here in Pom some 2 months ago. I dont know if I can be able to vote.

  10. Thank you for giving me a change to double check whether all my familiy members name are being enlisted. You have done a wonderful effort, however you’ve just missed some of my family members therefore please kindly include them on the list as well and ther are:
    1. Armstrong Warisaiho, gerehu stage 3B, B/Date 28/06/89
    2. Tiffany Warisaiho, gerehu stage 3B, B/Date 6/03/92
    3. Darusila Nelson, gerehu stage 3B, B/Date 23/6/90

    • ‘John Warisaiho’ – I am not the PNG Electoral Commission, and can not correct the common roll to include your family members. I will forward on your comment to the PNGEC, but it is important that you go in person to the PNGEC head office and raise the issue of omission regarding some of your family members. Otherwise, your family faces the risk of not being able to vote in the election.

  11. At least the name’s on the common roll, birth year wrong, electorate wrong due to relocation of residence some years back.
    Only hoping the NCD Election Manager’s line is answered at the time I call……

    • ‘Mary Jacinta Kasou’ – Well, I guess that’s a positive. Let us know if you do indeed are able to get in touch with the NCD Election Manager – as others are trying to do so as well. Good luck.

      • Cinta, long time no hear, where are u these days? i’ll inbox u on FB. Cheers

  12. Had little luck calling 321 2053…rang out as expected. The instruction to remove link to ER database provided above may be related…one can see how erroneous the roll is…which means the influx of requests to change information at this time, would be seen as a breach of EC’s enrollment deadline…and the ripple goes on. Let’s see how D day unfolds for us.

    • ‘Mary’ – Thanks for this. Well, it’s good to know that nobody is answering their phones, and the email links provided by PNGEC on their website don’t work. Let’s indeed see how ‘D Day’ unfolds…

    • A lot of the information on the database was wrong, wrong birth dates, wrong residences etc. Don’t know if the link will ever be put up again…

  13. The link is inaccessible!

    • ‘POM Resident’ – Yes, as mentioned in the post, the PNGEC has instructed that the relevant page be taken down. Keep checking on The Garamut as I will be posting other links as soon as they have been made public.

  14. I am hoping in up coming election, would be free and safe for us choosing good leader so can lead PNG being good country. Anyway, when we on the street, saw Poster from SDP Party and on the below the poster they put West Papuan Flag, is this the efforts from politician like Parkop to get vote from west papuan who living in Mosby eventhough they don’t have a right to give vote due to their status as permissive resident? dirty play like Parkop shouldn’t be happened because now people need prove it your promise and not rhetoric

    • ‘Steven’ – That’s interesting. I haven’t seen that in Port Moresby. Whereabouts was the election poster located?

      Presumably, some West Papuans are now Papua New Guinean citizens – but certainly not all of them are, but they would be rather large now in terms of size. An interesting observation.

  15. how do i know if my name is on the common roll for voting?

    • ‘David Bonjui’ – you can check if your name is on the common roll by heading into the nearest PNG Electoral Commission office and see your provincial Election Manager.

  16. How do i check and confirm if my name as well as my family is on the 2012 Electoral Roll since the current Census Period? Please revert to me asap for I need to confirm before we vote to avoid confusion. Thank you

    • ‘Lee’ – the best way for you to check whether or not you are on the electoral roll is to go into person to a PNGEC office closest to you and double check your names. It is important to note that even if your name was recorded on the census, it does not mean that you are on the common roll.

  17. NCD going polling tomorrow, can the link above be active for today so people can see if their names are on the roll?? for today only and can be remove. thanks. flenep

    • ‘Felix’ – I do not work for the PNG Electoral Commission. My blog has nothing to do with the PNGEC. I have no control over the link mentioned above. Please contact the PNGEC to check if your name is on the roll – Rgds, Tavurvur.

  18. I can’t find my name if it is on the common roll. Today is voting day for NCD.

  19. I called my friends who are residing at Korobosea area and are voting at Apex Park to check, they can’t see my name there. Maybe I have to go to another polling booth around the Korobosea/Boroko/3-Mile area. I want to be sure of where to go and cast my vote.

  20. Can anyone confirm if polling in NCD has been deferred to tomorrow. My workmates who went to vote this morning had to wait till 11 am only to be told to come back tomorrow. This was in the Tokarara area.


    • ‘Judy’ – Yes, polling has been deferred in Port Moresby North West. That is confirmed. I’m unclear on Moresby North East and Moresby South – polling in both these electorates have been on course. We should find out soon enough. Rgds, Tavurvur


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