O’Neill Crosses the Rubicon with Deferment of Elections – Days are Numbered

Peter O’Neill’s days as Prime Minister are numbered.

Never in the history of PNG has a Prime Minister allowed himself to be entangled in a web of events where he has blatantly deceived, whether intentionally or not, the people of Papua New Guinea, repeatedly; and on issues of national importance – so significant that these issues have the ability to, and already have, altered the fabrics of democracy which define our nation.

After backtracking on two critical promises, firstly the promise of deferring the implementation of the Judicial Conduct Act 2012; and secondly the promise of not deferring General Election 2012 – Peter O’Neill’s credibility is in tatters; his reputation shredded; and to cap it off, he has garnered the righteous anger of Papua New Guineans the world over.

It will be impossible for Peter O’Neill to shake the yolk of genuine hatred some Papua New Guineans now feel towards himself and for his deputy, Belden Namah. No amount of explanation, verbal justification, and parliamentary or public posturing will be able to appease this anger.

This anger has been so immense, and the reaction from Papua New Guineans so harsh, that there have been calls for the immediate assassination of the men deemed responsible for the events of the past week: Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah, Speaker Jeffrey Nape, MP Moses Maladina and Attorney General Dr Allan Marat.

This shocking call has been made, in what some argue, as being in the best interest of the nation and the best hope of bringing stability back to the country.

As Sir Julius Chan, despite a stellar political career, is doggedly remembered as the Prime Minister who negotiated Sandline; Peter O’Neill will forever be remembered by the people of today and the leaders of tomorrow as the Prime Minister who deceived the nation.

This past week has been PNG’s political week from hell. There is no point of return for Peter O’Neill.

He has crossed his Rubicon in the people’s Office of Prime Minister – an Office which he seems to have forgotten is not a right, but a privilege.

Dame Carol Kidu, leader of the two-team Opposition and the only bright light in a dim parliament during this past hellish week, has rightly condemned Peter O’Neill’s actions and has accurately stated that, “The last week has been a black week in PNG’s history that we will live to regret”.

Not only has Peter O’Neill condemned himself by his repulsive decision-making, but the previous knights of honor and promoters of good governance, Sir Mekere Morauta, Bart Philemon, and to a lesser degree Sam Basil, have all implicated themselves by participating in and allowing to come to fruition, these developments.

Peter O’Neill’s government started out so well – albeit in questionable circumstances. Despite these technical doubts, the people accepted and supported his government. His was the popular illegitimate government backed by the people to unseat the unpoplar, yet legitimate government of Sir Michael Somare.

O’Neill repeatedly stated in his inaugural State of the Nation address, an address in which he attempted to justify the introduction of the Judicial Conduct Act, that his government was the “People’s Government”.

Indeed, his government was once upon a time, not too long ago, the “People’s Government”. That is no longer the case.

PNG’s political week from hell has revealed that his is a government for the government – and not for the people.

~ by Tavurvur on April 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “O’Neill Crosses the Rubicon with Deferment of Elections – Days are Numbered”

  1. Who are the people to trust now? Is there anybody in parliament we can trust?

  2. We have been very quiet as country in condemning our leaders, and its good that we speak up, and out. It may just be a case where a few billions of kina will need to be spent before the next mob come in to do the same. Shame on not only this government but all governments since independence. This is a very scary situation. I hope they can ensure the safety of all citizens in this time of chaos.

    • I think we have been too quiet. Dame Kidu has made the observation that PNGeans are a tolerant people – to a certain degree. Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah are severely testing that tolerance.

      Something has to crack eventually. What will that be?

  3. They sure are testing it. Expect the unexpected. I think waigani is too isolated.We need to move the capita to the highlands, so our leaders become more accountable to the masses. Imagine that. Moresby is not accessible to the majority and vise versa. They love hiding and playing politics here in waigani.

  4. too true about the rubicon

  5. As an expatriate PNGean, politics PNG-style is a cause of chronic embarrassment and deep disgust. I despair with every bit of news that comes my way about the ‘home country’. I often feel sick to the stomach that the aid dollars never make it to the intended recipients. Instead to greedy, grubby, scheming politicians who live a life of bullying, excess and privilege, (eg. buying luxury properties in Australia) at the expense of high infant mortality, poor public healthcare and education, lack of road and other infrastructure etc etc etc. One can only hope that Karma will exact its due many-fold. … the problem is that Karma is much too slow for the victims of their greed.

    • ‘Frustrated Observer’ – This is an understandable view of PNG politics and one that is shared by many Papua New Guineans, both domestically and internationally.

      There is no denying the existence of the issues you have highlighted, and although these are all serious issues, they do overshadow some of the good that is being done in PNG.

      We all can help address these issues in our own way – however small it is. Never lose hope that one day PNG will be a better nation. We can only improve. Cheers – Tavurvur.

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