Air Niugini, Unpaid Invoices & Stolen Panties

Air Niugini has Ordered two Q400 NextGen High-Speed Turboprop Airliners

Last month Air Niugini’s main competitor in the PNG aviation industry, Airlines PNG, was splattered across news sites around the world due to the tragedy of the Kokoda crash where 13 people died in what was PNG’s worst aviation disaster to date. The investigation into the crash is on-going and there seems to be a lot of uncertainty as to how many people were actually on board the flight as  more human remains have since been discovered at the site of the crash and reports that the plane’s manifesto is unreliable.

Despite the severity of the crash, Air Niugini must have let out a sigh of relief that it wasn’t one of “theirs”, in what has become an aging fleet. Recently, PNG’s flagship carrier placed a firm order for two Q400 NextGen high-speed turboprop airliners worth US$ 60 million. The airline also took an option for an additional Q400 NextGen airliner, which would increase the value of the order to about $92 million if the option is exercised.

However, despite Air Niugini’s much needed spending spree, there seems to be a few niggles plaguing the firm that have hit the news waves around the world. Firstly, the firm owes nearly half a million dollars to Air New Zealand for equipment supplied by Air NZ’s engineering service, plus repair work and supplied materials for one of Air Niugini’s ‘cowling’ systems where the cooling air is discharged in the low-pressure area near the nose of an aircraft. It seems that Air Niugini is refusing to pay part of this invoice because it is disputing the costs – the case  is on-going in the Auckland High Court.

Secondly, media reports around the world have reported an underpants thief terrorising plane passengers in PNG. Reports suggest that locks have been broken off from suitcases, and ladies panties have been stolen – all this despite the fact that more valuable items present within the suitcase have remained untouched.

I wonder which one of the above niggles has caused the most harm to Air Niugini’s international reputation? For the same cost the airline is paying its expensive lawyers to flog out a dead-horse case in Auckland’s High Court, the firm could possibly invest in training initiatives and upskilling schemes in an attempt to empower its frontline staff so panties-stealing isn’t reverted to as a corporate pastime.

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~ by Tavurvur on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “Air Niugini, Unpaid Invoices & Stolen Panties”

  1. This is only one of many issues concerning Air Niugini. The corruption at high levels is rife in the executive management with the ceo being the worst, taking holidays and claiming them as duty travel, diverting funds within the company to out side sources and placing family members in positions without qualifications while removing native employees. An audit of the activities of the board and ceo should be conducted however the political influences here in PNG is also connected with the corrupt practices. The employees of air Nuigini have to put up with terrible working conditions and abuse from the ceo. No one is allowed to leave air nuigini they get fired due to the ceo’s inability to take advice or be told that any problem is occurring within the company. Items can not be bought without the ceo’s approval, even toilet paper, this while he travels first class and will buy the seat next to him because he does not wish to be disturbed and will pull off the plane paying customs if a position is not available.???? Lots of Questions. What are the answers.

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