The Rise of Islam in PNG – Video

The Rise of Islam in PNG - Whole Villages are Converting Simultaneously

I’ve blogged about the rise of Islam in PNG before, and the growth in PNG Muslim numbers has also caught the attention of the world’s media. Somebody pointed out to me the following video which is an excerpt of the report I discussed in the above post. Have a look:

~ by Tavurvur on August 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Rise of Islam in PNG – Video”

  1. Stop the spread of Islam in PNG. It’s record elswhere in the world is simply “too dangerous”. We, PNG, choose to live with the devil we know, Chritianity, than one that we don’t know, Islam.

  2. In a democracy like PNG people have freedom of worship. It is ironic that so called Christian leaders promote fear and preach unfounded rumours about another religion. All religions have their ups and downs, pluses and minuses. There are more muslims in the world than christians yet only a minority , less than 1% are considered extremists. PNG is today a christian country by name only………

  3. Actually, there aren’t more Muslims than Christians in the world, this is yet more propaganda. On the other hand, the fact that a desert death cult that hates women, gays and anyone who doesn’t believe in their facile fairytales should fill us with concern. These Christian leaders who supposedly promote fear and rumours probably have a point. They certainly do if you are not a Mohammaden.

    • Funny…desert death cult that hates women, gays and anyone who don’t believe in their facile fairytales…

      Are you describing CHRISTIANITY? Because the descriptions fit so well…

      Modern Day Christianity started in the desert of Middle East through the LIES of Paul…

      Christianity hates women so much that they burned many of them on stakes for being witches! And the largest Christian nation, USA, has not produced any Female President yet while the Muslim majority Indonesia did and also Pakistan, Bangladesh and even the conservative Iran had a woman VP!

      About gays??? Well look at the streets of USA and tell me how many gays are being killed everyday? Islam does not approve homosexual acts but you can not find protesters on Muslim streets carrying placards that GAYS ARE CURSED BY GOD! Google anti-gay images and you will see MORE from the Christians than Muslims!

      Excuse me, did any Muslim country at a time sent gays to be burned in human ovens along with the Jews? Christian Germany did!

      And intolerant of other religions??? Well tell me who did these massacres and genocides:

      force conversion of natives to Christianity like in Australia, USA, Latin America and even in the Philippines…
      the only massacre in 21st century…the Sbrenica massacre where Christian Serbs killed 8000 Muslim Bosnians in cold-blood…

      Funny…really…you seem to have a selective amnesia when it comes to barbarity and cruelty of your religion…

      Or perhaps you are one of the CHRISTAIN COLONIZERS who raped the lands and the people in Africa, Asia and the rest of the world…

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