Google Blacklists The National’s Website

The National's Website - Blacklisted by Google

This must be a first in the history of PNG cyberspace: Google has effectively blacklisted The National Newspaper. It’s true. Like most other days when I’ve got some free time I usually check up on our two dailies. However, when I visited The National today, I was greeted with the above Google-generated warning.

Clicking on the button, “Why was this site blocked?”, the following explanation appears (click to enlarge):

Google's Adivsory Diagnosis of The National

It seems that The National’s website is hosting malicious software which is affecting user’s pcs. And it’s not your average trojan horse. Google describes the malicious software it discovered as including 369 scripting exploit(s) and 148 trojan(s).

148 trojans?! Come on The National, you’re supposed to be “PNG’s nambawan daily”, not PNG’s nambawan trojan carrier!

~ by Tavurvur on July 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “Google Blacklists The National’s Website”

  1. Man, I encountered this problem today and was quite furious. Didn’t bother to check further but thanks for enlightening us. I guess we shall alert authorities to investigate on this coz they are harming our PCs, aren’t they. But then, who do we run to? Does our police have a cypercrime task force team in place….hehe…nuh..maybe.

  2. Syl,

    It’s up to the owners of The National, i.e. RH, to contact Google to uplift the blanket warning. If they fix it up, no problem. But if it remains not fixed, Google will keep the warning in place as a safeguard for its customers.

    And how many users does Google have?

    Yep. Fix it up The National for your own credibility and trustworthiness.


  3. Tru ya..mi too. Actually it has been happening for a while especially when you try to access The National’s online archive. Encountered that when doing some online research. I was blocked from accessing The National..

  4. looks like viruses are everywhere, even in PNG.

  5. Wow that is totally embarrassing for The National and for the PNG Govt who supports it. Criminal charges should be pressed by all those who suffer from these viruses – one nice big law suit! The National needs to compensate all those affected by their disgusting behaviour!

  6. Checked again – The National’s service is still down! What’s going on The National?

  7. I think it might be related to where they are hosting the site. I’m guessing that they were using some cheap hosting service which was prone to attacks.

  8. Goodness! the problem still hasn’t been rectified, after some months now. Man! are these guys (The National) serious about such cyber STD they are transmitting to their online readers? They’ve already lost some..including myself

  9. What is wrong with The National – you think with all that logging Kina they’d at least have a half-decent website!!!!

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