PNG Seaplanes: A Business Opportunity

Anybody Up to The Challenge? - PNG Seaplanes

Over the years, I’ve kept what I call my Idea Book. It’s a little black book brimming with my scriblings, observations and notes that I’ve made. The majority of its contents deal with initiatives designed for implementation within PNG and a few do venture off internationally. My Idea Book is getting a little bit chubby now, and I was just about to add another entry to it when I realised – I don’t know where it is! So I thought – I’ll share my latest idea with you instead.

I recently came across the above company, Vanuatu Seaplanes, who are selling their quirky little tourism business for a healthy $AU 181,000. I quite like the whole pitch of this business; it looks good and I think with a little bit of tweaking here and there, it could really lift off – particularly if it existed in PNG.

The current owners have designed a number of packages that offer tourists a range of options, from scenic tours over Port Vila, to picnics on islands, trips to volcanoes and swimming excursions with turtle and dugong. Not a bad inventory, but I seriously believe that a similar business model based in either Kavieng, Rabaul, Kimbe or even Alotau would be strategically more successful.

What Vanuatu Seaplanes does have going in its favour is  a lucrative contract to fly scenic tours for the 70 P&O Cruise Liners that visit Port Vila every year. That number is expected to increase and so too is the increasing number of tourists that visit Vanuatu every year. With the number of tourists visiting PNG consistently increasing in leaps and bounds every year, the odds at capturing this niche market within PNG would be extremely favourable.

You could even be based in Wewak and offer a package to Lake Kutubu!

~ by Tavurvur on June 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “PNG Seaplanes: A Business Opportunity”

  1. Top idea! Is this business still for sale?

  2. Great idea Tavurvur!!!

    Are you willing to share some more from your “idea book”? It sounds as if you’re the type of person that thinks up interesting stuff.

  3. i just returned from vila but i did not see any seaplane activities i saw vanuatu helicopters doing some joy rides from the boat i know PNG this could work there too worth considering

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