Liklik Luk Save

I received an email today about Liklik Luk Save, a concise exhibition of some of PNG’s best fine art to be exhibited in Auckland from 19th July – 10th August 2009.

So to all the PNG Wantoks in New Zealand, if you have the time, drop on by and support our local talent – you never now, you may just walk out the door with a masterpiece!

Liklik Luk Save

~ by Tavurvur on June 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Liklik Luk Save”

  1. Hey T, do you have a name and contacts for the Curator of this exhibition? Would like to help spread the word

    • Manu,

      I’m not exactly too sure who the curator of the Liklik Luk Save Exhibition is, but – the gallery hosting the exhibition is Aesthete Gallery. Contact Number: +64 9 377 4832.


    • Hi Emmanuel, Amanda Adams here. I dropped a line on your site a couple of months ago regarding PNG art. I am the lucky one curating the show and I’d be very happy to give you as much information as possible. You have my e-mail from there or call me on (+675) 325 4199.


  2. Hey T, I went along to the exhibition on Sunday. I enjoyed it and especially liked this ( mekeo portrait.
    My stepdad was asking after the Kaugage “[Mosquito]” unfortunately that was not for sale.
    There was a good turn out of PNGeans as wells as ex expats and just general art lovers.I hope they’ll get a steady flow of people through there who appreciate PNG art for the duration of the exhibition.

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