Bougainville: “Our Island, Our Fight”

Ipso-Facto Productions: Making Another International Award-Winning Documentary about Bougainville

I received an email from Wayne who works for Ipso-Facto Productions, concerning the latest documentary produced by this international multi-award winning media production company.

Bougainville “Our Island, Our Fight” is a powerful documentary about an indigenous people taking up arms for Independence to protect their culture and stop the ecological devastation of their lands.

This multi-award winning documentary is one of the last wars for independence, it smuggles us into the world of this besieged people.  Cut off from all humanitarian aid and invisible to Western media, their only resource is their resolve to fight for independence in an attempt to preserve their culture and environment.

This is the only documentary of the longest war in the South Pacific. A war which killed 20, 000 people just two hours from Australia.


You can watch the trailer here.

~ by Tavurvur on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bougainville: “Our Island, Our Fight””

  1. Thanks, put a link to this on my blog. And great to see you back on the scene…

  2. Hi All,

    this site gives a glimpses of the powerful indigenous who have fought for life their lives during the crisis.

    If there’ any recent trailer or movie which can be download?
    I request for the Documentary Film ,


    Jim Kuiwah

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