Reggae Vibes: Pacific Origin

Reggae Vibes (Pacific Origin)I was rushing past a music stand today and the following CD cover caught my eye – to the effect that I stopped my mad rush, picked it up and turned it over – and I ended up buying it too.

It’s an older CD which was released in 2002 under the label Oceania and it boasts a host of classic Pacific songs – including Papua New Guinea’s very own Quakes’ smash hit Manam Island and O’shen’s Pacifican Herbsman.

Also included on the album is Black Rose’s My Fiji and what I’m guessing is a Solomon Island’s band Islands, which has a song I’ve never heard before called Bifo.

~ by Tavurvur on April 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Reggae Vibes: Pacific Origin”

  1. Just wondering who released this album and I wonder if royalties are being paid to our artists?

  2. i love all naio’s song because am from vanuatu long tongoa but i live in australia

  3. Mi laik download music mp3

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