PNG LNG: What Could PNG’s Pipeline Bring?

The PNG LNG Project - The Ability to Change PNG

Chris Wright (CW) of Euromoney has written a BRILLIANT article on the PNG LNG project and some of the numerous effects it will have on the people and government of Papua New Guinea – from its spin-off effects to stimulating economic growth and reducing public debt to the risk of Dutch Disease and enormous strain on our already overloaded infrastructure.

The article has copy/paste protection so I couldn’t copy it to this post directly – what I’ve done instead is select excerpts of the article which are presented below.

CW on PNG LNG doubling PNG’s GDP and the enormity of the project:

Enormousity of PNG LNG

CW on PNG LNG and it’s spin-off effects – both good and bad:

The Pros and Cons of the PNG LNG Project

CW on the risk of Dutch Disease and PNG LNG:

PNG LNG and it's Contribution to the Risk of Ductch Disease

CW on PNG LNG helping to reduce public debt:

The Importance of Fiscal Discipline

CW on foreign banks in PNG and the country’s tourism potential:

The Potential for PNG Investors


I suggest you read the entire article – it’s worth it. Find it here.

~ by Tavurvur on April 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “PNG LNG: What Could PNG’s Pipeline Bring?”

  1. Thanks T, FYI..I’ve just uploaded ACIL’s Economic Impact Statement which outlines also the economic benefits etc. See it here:

  2. How is the PNG LNG Project benifiting the nation and what are the companies and organization that are involved in this major project and their percentage input-this includes the PNG government as well.
    Can somebody please provide answers to these questions?


  3. Hi Newman,

    Participating interests include affiliates of ExxonMobil (including Esso Highlands Limited as operator, 33.2 percent), Oil Search Limited (29.0 percent), Independent Public
    Business Corporation (PNG Government, 16.6. percent), Santos Limited (13.5 percent), Nippon Oil Exploration (4.7 percent), Mineral Resources Development Company (PNG landowners, 2.8 percent) and Petromin PNG Holdings Limited (0.2 percent).


  4. Thanks.. I have a concern about the potential of another crisis no one else talks about relating to the LNG Project

  5. we are a local HR company,Please let us know about your requirements for skilled workers.Thanks

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