‘In the Loop’ Interview with Tubuans & Dukduks: Blogging in the Pacific

'In the Loop' presents a lively mix of music and interviews from the Pacific highlighting opportunities & challenges of the 21st century.Just over a month ago Tubuans & Dukduks was interviewed on Radio Australia for the first time. That was an experience.

It was a pleasure to once again be interviewed yesterday by ABC’s In the Loop hosts Clement Paligaru and Isabelle Genoux in what is planned to become a regular segment of the show – blogging in the Pacific.

Blogging really is a dynamic reflection of the changing Pacific society of today. The Pacific in general has been traditionally one of the most democratic places in the world. By “traditional” I don’t mean modern government systems – but traditional ways of governance and the ability to share one’s point of view, a practice which has been a basic thread of Pacific life for centuries.

On that note, those of you reading this from Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, or New Caledonia – why not start a Blog? You’ll be surprised at the number of people who will be interested. I for one want to know what is happening there – from your point of view.

To listen to In the Loop’s Blogging in the Pacific interview with Tubuans & Dukduks, click here.


ABC’s Radio Australia’s Tok Pisin Sevis will be interviewing me on Thursday as well, another first for Tubuans & Dukduks – going live on airwaves around the Pacific in Tok Pisin!

~ by Tavurvur on April 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “‘In the Loop’ Interview with Tubuans & Dukduks: Blogging in the Pacific”

  1. Top Stuff!!! That’s one of the things I love about your blog is the in depth research you take when writing your posts.

    Now how do we make money to support our addictions?

  2. Thanks Emmanuel – the one and only thing that currently justifies the amount of time we put into blogging is the interaction that is produced among commentators. That is the real addiction

    Agreed? lol.

    I think we’re reading and commenting on each other’s blogs at the same time!


  3. Yeah we are, just a thought. Maybe we should have our own radio show or TV talk show that draws content from the blogs?? I know it would take allot of work, but just a thought…we’d have to give up our day jobs…

  4. I think we could fit it around our day jobs – i mean, maybe a one hour radio segment – per day? The TV talk show sounds interesting – would there be enough interest out there to warrant a TV talk show.

    I can see Radio taking off big time…

    Anyways bro, ai blo mi klostu pas nau – bai mi salim wanpela email i go long yu tumora.



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